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9. maj 2023

Paid subscription.

However the form randomly does not load. Some sort of bug, no resolution or replies or updates.

not advisable for business sites, to get customers enquiries.

Apnea42 Freediving
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 8 måneder
25. marts 2023

Good forms look good and are fairly easy to manage. However, support is non-existing, not getting back for days. Creating some serious issues in our automation of creators and retailers.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 28 dage
23. oktober 2022

This was great at creating a custom form for my shop. My only issue with it is that it does not notify you when a submission is made. A week or so went by before I realised that I had several submissions, but I only found them when I opened the app and went to the submissions page. Notifications via email or something would be helpful, so I know when there is a new submission.

Jess Keeli Creative
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 2 måneder
29. december 2021

I use this app to help me with warranty submission, submission for new dealers and vehicle registration forms. For my customers it is very easy submitting forms that's way the three stars but for me and my team it is very hard as we can't follow up. When I login to the app and head to the submission area we can only see the last three forms. Also it will be very helpful if we can somehow tick or fulfil the submission forms as it will save us time.

Electromotion Australia
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 9 måneder
17. september 2021

This app has good basics, but for our purposes there are not nearly enough design customizations available.

Pineridge Hollow
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 6 timer
16. marts 2021

Yes, it makes forms. But they lack any reasonable kind of graphic design. A beautiful website would be handicapped by the lack of layout and weak graphics offered by Form Builder.

Island Bazaar Ukes
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end et år
23. februar 2021

Good app. just wished there was a way to get notifications when someone submits the form. Had to click on the app to see that things were being submitted after a few months,

Resin & More Boxes
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Næsten 3 år
Redigeret 30. december 2020

works well. i wish you didn't have to fill out the form every time you want to go to next page while testing. You should have an option to disable the required input while moving through pages and editing based on content alone. Once thats done, i should be able to turn on required input and test fully as a user. Probably the only reason i would switch soon.

Totality Skincare
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end 2 år
28. december 2020

Det virker fint. Jeg vil bruge det til at indsamle informationer om mine kunder i min webshop, så jeg kan lære dem bedre at kende,
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 7 måneder
24. december 2020

Easy to use does the job.
As an area of improvement, I would say that I' would like to have more graphic design options
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 14 dage