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24 de julho de 2023

Highly recommended! This APP allows you to easily create beautiful galleries for your webshop, and customers can easily shop their favorite items but simply clicking on an image.
The team behind the APP is also amazing, super responsive, and determine to find the best solution for your needs. Dan and Pavel went above and beyond making sure our needs are met.

Bayu The Label
Países Baixos
8 meses usando o app
21 de julho de 2023

I am obsessed with this app - took our website to another level. It is beautiful and functions so well when shopping the images. I have to mention Dan who helped us with questions and formatting changes we had during the integration. HE IS THE BEST! Super responsive and did everything we wanted/needed really quickly. Incredible service, awesome app. Highly recommend!

Estados Unidos
7 dias usando o app
21 de abril de 2023

The Four Sixty team are always very diligent with their work and never fair if we need a helping hand! They have worked with us to secure the best social reel exposure providing an AMAZING experience to our customers!

Urban Planet
Quase 6 anos usando o app
29 de março de 2023

We have worked with Foursixty for a number of years now. A big shout out to Dan from their support team who consistently helps us with any enquiries above and beyond. Great customer service. We can highly recommend Foursixty!

Tulle and Batiste
Mais de 5 anos usando o app
13 de dezembro de 2022

I cannot rate FourSixty highly enough. From the incredible features which allow us to populate our web pages with stunning shoppable UGC galleries to the phenomenal customer support provided by Dan, we have had such a positive experience. Dan's quick, thoughtful, and informative support allowed us to efficiently and effectively troubleshoot an issue we were experiencing. I absolutely would recommend FourSixty.

inkbox tattoos
Estados Unidos
Quase 6 anos usando o app
20 de janeiro de 2023

Dan is the Man! Super awesome service, great app that is pretty much a must these days. Would be nice if they offered TT integration though...

Hong Kong, RAE da China
Mais de 5 anos usando o app
23 de janeiro de 2023

This app does a nice job displaying our instagram to the frontend of the website. I don't think we use all of the features to the full extent, but we're happy. Special shoutout to Dan, a support and integrations manager, who assisted us quickly in a time of need and solved our issues with frontend presentation. Having a team that knows the app well and is willing to help with your store has been a huge plus for us in using this app.

Schumacher UK
Reino Unido
Quase 2 anos usando o app
20 de dezembro de 2022

Used for over a year and always had a seamless experience, even when using Visual Soft as our web developer. we are now making a big move to shopify and foursixty works even more of a treat! Whenever I stumble on any cody/techy issues, four sixty reply to me asap with really simple solutions on how to fix, the codes and screenshots of where to add them. Really impressive response rate as we are in the UK and them America. Dan in particular is epic, so helpful! Recommend this app 100%!

Boutique Camping
Reino Unido
11 meses usando o app
9 de fevereiro de 2023

We have been using Foursixty's Shoppable Instagram on our homepage for years and have recently incorporated UGC onto our PDPs. Dan from support's speedy responses and eagerness to help really facilitated the process of getting this app. Really happy with the platform and level and quality of assistance!

Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 4 anos usando o app
18 de janeiro de 2023

This app is amazing! We've made curated collections to shop inspiration by room which our customers love and Dan from their tech support team could not be more helpful and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended!

Alchemy Fine Home
Estados Unidos
10 meses usando o app