Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

by Shopify

Create custom filters to help you prevent fraud

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Shoc Pty Ltd

Come on Shopify what a STUPID APP! Your application has fraud alerts already, why would you not tie these into this app? How stupid are your developers. All fraud cases are generally one time customers, how the hell are we supposed to set a filter on them? The filter is the fraud analysis thats already been done.


I set up several filters and none of them worked. Waste of time.


don't waste your time, it does't work


would give it zero stars if I could as it cancelled non-fraudulent transactions. Had to quickly uninstall before it cost even more lost business

Topsy Girl

I really feel like Shopify doesn't give a single F about fraud. This app is a joke and a slap in the face to customers. Shopify might as well be in bed with the thieves. You provide a platform but you don't do anything to help me protect my customers. They are essentially your customers too Shopify!

Oy Vapor

I setup 5 rules to prevent a customer from placing orders on my site. None of them worked. Useless app.


This app is worthless. After talking to customer support and finding out that this app allowed you to create a series of filters for it to decide when to flag a purchase, I gave it the expectation that is was basically a blacklist.

Simple enough. I set one filter of let me know when an order over $500 is made.
It flagged every single $30 order as possibly fraudulent.

Delete. I'll stick with the regular shopify fraud analysis.


This app does not work, and we mean at all! The app was designed with all the right elements in place, but somehow it was not plugged to shopify stores to actually do the job.


The biggest fraud happens when billing addresses are different than shipping addresses and when they use expedited shipping. Both of those functions are missing!

Diagnose Software

As "New Loops" wrote: Absolutely useless for digital products! Sorry, Shopify....