Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

by Shopify

Create custom filters to help you prevent fraud

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Beats By Vanity

Would love to give it a positive review, but it hasn't stopped any fraudulent orders dispute setting it up to block certain emails, it's let them all through costing me money in charge backs. Useless.


Won't install (gives a 404 error)

Online Melon

Over complicated and I simply do not understand all the rules and what they mean. I just want something to easily install and let technology do all the hard work.


it is not filtering or catching fraudulent orders.even i have detail filters in place.

It is simple tool, free, limited with no activity or analytics. it is not working for me.

Gow Gifts

Had it installed for about 6 months. Doesn't work well at all. Very hard to navigate. Now it won't even let us create or update rules. Don't bother, accept that Shopify should fix this internally and refuse to.


DO NOT use in any circumstances. After I Installed it on our website, our orders dropped dramatically. We couldn't find any reason and were thinking maybe something is wrong with our pricing or marketing. After a deep investigation, we found that customers simply COULD'T click on CHECKOUT button!!!

I don't really know how much it costed us by not having any customer for two weeks! but I wouldn't install any other app from this developer or any other un-trusted source.

Coltstudiostore Com

Doesn't work at all... Sorry to say. We use the options on the same person and because he's using a proxy server his IP changes and it doesn't catch it. It lists his name and shipping address, but still takes the orders. Useless IMO. Sorry.


Been using this app for over a year now and it doesn't work well at all. It allows repeat fraud even when a rule has been made against an address and phone number etc. Keeping it simply because i have a stored list of fraud info to reference off.

My Little Desire

It doesn't work. I have created a filter to cancel an order from a given IP or Phone Number or Name and.... the filter is not triggered...

Very disapointting

Tongkat Fitness USA

Not very useful when you use 3rd party fulfilment and your store is set to auto fulfil orders.

Give the app the power to fulfil or not fulfil orders based on its filters. Then it has value for the many thousands of customers using 3rd party fulfilment services.

Also a separate database of customers that have been flagged as warning would be good, then other shops that get my fraudulent customers would get a waring and a held order for them to look into.

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