Fraud Filter

Fraud Filter

by Shopify

Create custom filters to help you prevent fraud

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This app doesn't work, we've set filters upon filters and none of the orders get caught. Don't waste your time.

Purple Elm Baby

Is this app a joke? Come on, Shopify. You can do better than this. How often are fraudulent orders re-using the same details? In our case: NEVER. So, I could set a "filter" that would flag an order if someone used the same contact details, but it's totally useless. We need REAL RULES: e.g. deny or flag an order if shipping location is X number of miles from order location. While we're on the subject, even without this app, Shopify could do more to make super-clear when an order is suspicious--not just a little triangle with exclamation point, how about a red banner across top of order page, highlight background of order with a warning color... WE SELL GIFTS. So, how are we supposed to know that an order is fraudulent just because someone places an order to be delivered to another state, anyway? Should we call/email every single customer prior to shipment? That's a really productive use of our small-business, work-at-home-parents time, definitely. It feels like no one is really looking out for us: someone buys an item from us (that we've paid for), we ship it out, and then LATER... not only are the funds withdrawn from our account, but we're levied a $15 FINE?! Someone got our merchandise, Shopify got processing charges, a bank gets a fee, and WE GET SCREWED. What a lovely system.


Horrible app. It definitely doesn't do enough for you and has not enough flexibility. I lost money using this app rather than it helping me. I'd highly suggest that you do this yourself than rely on this app that is poorly constructed and designed to have you actual fail more.


Terrible, does not block any order regardless of the method you use, email name etc..

New Loops

Absolutely useless for digital products!! I have someone set up to be blocked and it let them purchase and sent them the digital product (they downloaded it), then refunded their money! What is the point in that? Uninstalling now and not impressed. Just another half-arsed app.


This app sucks. We have several emails, shipping addresses and IP addresses blocked and set to cancel the order, re-stock product inventory and issue a refund, which NEVER works. Some others we have set to issue a warning in the Shopify admin, which we never receive. Swing and miss, Fraud Filter.

Do your business a huge favor and use FraudLabs Pro instead.

Photographer Depot

TERRIBLE for digital products - no matter what rules you set up, the system will still fulfill. Contacted Shopify regarding this, and they have no answers.


It keeps cancelling orders that are not fraudulent and have nothing to do with the rules I created.

Nude By Nikki

This app isn't efficient at all! We have added several emails to the BLOCK list and they STILL are able to order.

Beats By Vanity

Would love to give it a positive review, but it hasn't stopped any fraudulent orders dispute setting it up to block certain emails, it's let them all through costing me money in charge backs. Useless.