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28. März 2023

FraudBlock Fraud Prevention will cancel the order and refund the customer but with 3rd party fulfillment networks that fulfill immediately after the order is placed, doesn't detect. I lost $3,000+ depending on this app to do this job when I should have done my own due diligence.

Vereinigte Staaten
6 monate mit der App
ShopFox hat geantwortet 6. April 2023

FraudBlock sends a "cancel fulfillment" request to all third-party fulfillment providers via Shopify. If the fulfillment provider doesn't respect this request, they would need to fix their fulfillment service implementation, there's unfortunately nothing we can do to fix someone else's code.

13. August 2020

i used this app for last 1.5 months and found this app blocks all highrisk orders and cancels the orders but will sometimes not refund the amount, and later on you will be issued with a chargeback of additional $25 from bank. The funniest part is if we contact the customer service they will say everything is all good from their side its issue of the shopify app in converting the currency and will inform to refund its only partially working . may be only 70%. check opting.

7 monate mit der App
ShopFox hat geantwortet 15. August 2020

Thanks for your review! As I explained on our live chat, this was an issue with Shopify showing a different currency on the order itself than the actual payment currency, which is an extreme edge case. I identified and fixed the issue (affecting 0.02% of multi-currency orders) while we were talking on the live chat.