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11. marts 2024

There are many buggy plug-ins, unknown banners will appear when deleting items from the shopping cart, ugly interface display, and most importantly, poor customer service experience. No reply for several days

Shop Doctors 🏆 svarede 15. marts 2024

We are confused about your review.

You sent a question at 8:20 at night our time, outside working hours, and we replied at 8:16 AM the next morning.

And our app doesn’t generate any banners at all - but it does integrate with the shop’s theme. Your shop’s theme may have been the culprit and generated the banner, we see themes do that sometimes. We would like to help address your concerns as this review is inaccurate and damaging to our app’s reputation. Please respond to our support emails, so we can resolve whatever issues you experienced. We stand by ready to help you.

22. januar 2023

as soon as I installed the app and created a free gift I received a flood of people to my website and they were some how ordering free gifts without making purchases all while the app was supposedly disabled. I had to completely delete to app to make it stop.

Josh's Cards
15 minutter bruger appen
Shop Doctors 🏆 svarede 23. januar 2023

We're sorry to hear that you had issues with the app. When used in draft order mode, the app makes it 100% impossible for customers to purchase the free gifts directly. Since draft orders have a variety of side effects, our app allows shop owners the benefit to have free gifts without draft orders (which is a toggle in the app settings page). Rarely, this normally beneficial feature can result in what you saw - if the app's gifts (which are normally hidden products) also happen to be promoted by another app/other code, or get published in external sales channels, then it may give customers to ability to purchase them directly. While the app itself does not have the ability to prevent the above, we would be happy to investigate this for you and to explain all the configuration changes that you can do in order for fraudulent orders to not continue to happen. Please reach out to us at support@freegiftoncartmanager.com and we'll be happy to help remedy the situation.

UPDATE: We unfortunately never received a reply from you.