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13 mai 2022

Customer service could be better. The fact that they can't change a number out of its decimal is a little odd to me especially since another app was able to for me.

3 jours d’utilisation de l’application
Conversion Bear a répondu 13 mai 2022

Please note our free shipping bar utilizes your store currency formatting to show and calculate the cart value.

Sorry, I'm afraid there's no technical way to replace or alter the store currency formatting through our app. Our team communicated this information following your inquiries on April 9th and May 11th.

I've found it odd to read a one star review mentioning a feature request that was not included or communicated in our offering. The decimal removal feature is still pending in our feature wishlist.

We build new features based on popular demand, not per a single request.

Conversion Bear powers over 100,000 Shopify stores at the moment. Each merchant has different and unique business needs. All requests are added to our feature wishlist and are rated based on popularity.

We try and keep it fair by building the most valuable and most demanded features first. A first-in-first-out approach would hurt other merchant requests in the queue. Please keep in mind we are a small team offering this app for free. We intend to continue offering it for free and maintain cost effective development work.

As you're an entrepreneur yourself, I hope this resonates.

I believe our team provided a clear, honest follow up to your request within a couple of hours (after consulting with our tech team). Our customer support team is guided to never overpromise. I think the other 41 five star reviews will testify to that.

As always, we are available to assist you through email or live chat with any question or concern if you decide to use the app in the future.

CEO @ Conversion Bear