Free Shipping Bar Ultimate

Free Shipping Bar Ultimate


Multi-currency supported dynamic free shipping bar banner

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Multi-Currency Support

Prices showing in the banner are working seamlessly with Shopify multi-currency and with other popular currency apps.

Order value based message

There are 3 progressive messages for when the order price zero, below the set global target and above the target.

Customizable design

You have freedom to select colors, background image, image positioning, spacing, font, and more. Set the banner you image.

Over Free Shipping Bar Ultimate

Dynamic/progressive free shipping bar to increase your average order value

Usage of the Free Shipping Bar Ultimate app

You can put up a banner/bar to display your free shipping offer for orders beyond a set target value using the Free Shipping Bar Ultimate app. In order to achieve the optimal results, you could set the target value to a little above the average order value of your store. Further, you could creatively use the banner messages to display discount codes and other information that is valid for orders beyond a set value.

  • Customizable banner design
  • Progressive message when the customer puts items to the cart
  • Target value achieved message when order value surpasses the target value.
  • Many more...

Why should you choose us?

  1. Accurate progressive price values to achieve the set global target
  2. Accurate currency formats
  3. Supports the Shopify Multi-Currency
  4. Supports all popular currency apps in Shopify
  5. Optimized logic design to remove overhead processes like periodic requests
  6. Light-weighted code with zero dependencies to load fast
  7. No theme code changes, therefore the app can be removed with one click

Exceptional Customer Support

We can guarantee you that we offer unparalleled customer support by the developer himself all the time.

We offer,

  • Installation support
  • Consultation associated with the subject area
  • Store-specific customizations
  • Many more...

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5.0 van 5 sterren

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This is one of the best free shipping bars available on Shopify and Akila's support was extraordinary!


Great Service! Fast response to my questions! I will definitely use the app on all my further stores.

Flying Solo Gear Company

I installed two apps by KILATECH back to back, was helped by Akila who was extremely quick and did so much work to make this app work seamlessly with my website. I had an issue that they didn't have a ready solution for, but he worked tirelessly to make it happen. Thanks again for the amazing service, I look forward to trying your whole suite of apps in the future.