Instant Traffic & Ads

Instant Traffic & Ads

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Drive FREE Traffic to your store with Traffic Exchange

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Display ads in other stores

Display your products as advertisements in other stores, increase impressions and drive traffic to your store when people click on the ads.

Free Traffic & Free Ads

No matter how much traffic you get from the ads to your store, you don't have to pay any additional cost.

Quick and easy setup

Setup and start displaying your advertisements in less than 5 minutes.

Su Instant Traffic & Ads

Drive free traffic to your store with Ads exchange

Instant Traffic allows you to display your products in other Shopify stores as product recommendations (advertisements) with product name, short description, price, and picture. In return, you only need to display other stores' ads in yours.

The advertisements are displayed in the form of quick notifications at the lower right corner of the screen, last 30 seconds, and can be closed at any time.

No additional cost for the growth of your traffic

No matter how much traffic you get from the ads to your store, you don’t have to pay any additional cost.

Adjust the partner ads in your store

You can edit the color of the text and the ads’ background to match with the main theme of your store.

Exclude inappropriate product categories from your store

You can select the product categories that you find inappropriate and don’t want to be displayed in your store.

Target customers by physical location and by devices

You can select the countries to display your ads. You can also choose to display your ads on only certain devices.

Why Instant Traffic?

  • Reach more people

Getting your products displayed in thousands of other Shopify stores is the best way to reach your target audiences, increase impressions, and drive traffic to your store.

  • Exchange traffic equally

The more impressions and clicks your partners get from your store, the more time your ads get displayed in other stores. You exchange ads with other Shopify store with a 1:1 rate.

  • Quick and easy setup

With a user-friendly dashboard, comprehensive tutorial, and responsive customer support, Instant Traffic will help you set up your ads easily on the first visit.

  • No fake categories, no unwanted ads

The products are categorized automatically with an accuracy of 92%. Merchants cannot manually change the categories of the products, which prevents dishonesty in product categorizing and increases the consistency of categorizing the products.

  • Little space occupied

The ads are displayed as quick notifications at the lower right corner of the screen, last 30 seconds, and can be closed at any time. That prevents the ads from being intrusive and distracting.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads Feature

  • RE-TARGETING ADS and CONVERSION OPTIMIZER with Google Ads. Boosting your sales with build-in Google Ads and Facebook Ads feature. Auto-create advertising creative without a designer. Support Google responsive ads.

  • Thousands of merchants have enjoyed our Instant Traffic, and a large number of visitors pass through the app hub each day. As such, we are pitching two new features that would help you make use of this valuable customer base even more:

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  • google ads

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Free plan


  • Free Traffic from Partner

  • Select 5 products to promote

  • Restriction by Categories

  • Email Support

  • Google Ads Feature

Premium plan


  • 7 Day Free Trial

  • All Feature of Basic Plan

  • Add up to 10 products

  • Ad targeting by countries & devices

  • Chat & Email Support

  • White Label

Extra Plan


  • Premium for all Eggflow Apps (Save 25 USD/month):

  • Instant Traffic

  • Instant Giveaway

  • Instant Upsell

  • Smart PopUp

  • Shop Secure

  • Instant Buy

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4.4 stelle su 5

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Seo Digital Club

No response at all. It says we are available for live chat but no one is there. Waste of time nothing more!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

25 novembre 2020

Hi Seo Digital Club,

Thank you for your feedback.

You may have reached us out of non-business hours. Also, due to the time zone difference, our support team can't respond to you immediately. You can leave us a message via live chat or email ( We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Eggflow Support Team.

TEDY Concept

I used this app to increase the traffic ,till now it goes ok,i will come back with an review in a couple of days with more details about how it went

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 novembre 2020

Hi TEDY Concept,

Thank you for your feedback.

That's great. We hope that you will have more good experiences in the future.

If you have any issues, please contact us via live chat or email

Good luck with your business!
Eggflow Support Team.


I specifically indicated and chose the option to not have sexual products advertised on my store and after only the second day sexual products are popping up on my site! Would not recommend.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

23 novembre 2020

Hi AllDealzz,

Thank you for your feedback.

Currently, advertising products are very diverse, so the application can not recognize all of them to block them. We apologize to you on this matter. Our developers will continue to upgrade the app even better to bring merchants more benefits.

Feel free to let us know if you need any assistance or information via live chat or email (

Good luck with your business!
Eggflow Support Team.