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23. oktober 2023

App advertises that you can Watermark images individually for free. This isnt the case, after a few products the app will not allow you to watermark any more images and asks you to pay.

Divan Bed King
18 dage bruger appen
2. oktober 2023

Encountered double logos issue. Emailed multiple times. After 5 days, no response, no help, no support

Amor Custom Gifts
16 dage bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 4. oktober 2023

We always reply to merchants. Our reply is in the app live chat, marked as Read, and it has the details and solutions to your issue. It is very important that merchants do not use third party apps that compress or modify product photos, otherwise these apps will overwrite the photos which breaks our restore feature. This is also explained in detail in our FAQs inside the app.

6. november 2023

Developer is not a nice person BEWARE. He has blocked us from using the app after the app started sending pop-up messages asking us to pay to use the app even though there are free features available which we were using. The developer then put the app into "development mode" only for our store, rendering it un-accessible. However, we can make as much stores as we want and we can freely use this app on new stores and leave our honest review each time. The app is buggy and non-responsive and too many pop-ups.

My Store
41 minutter bruger appen
16. juni 2021

This worked very well...until I decided that I wanted to remove their watermarks. I reached out for support regarding the request and wasn't successful after several contacts. The watermarks are still present on my products. I even tried to remove the watermarks manually before and after reaching out to support with no success!

Eure Looking Good Designs & Apparel
Cirka 3 år bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 16. juni 2021

Hi, we did miss your email back in March. We were not aware that it was a persistent issue for your shop. Restoring can stop functioning if other third-party apps are used to compress or rename watermarked photos. We have a repair tool available to restore your initial snapshot of product photos and we have sent you an email to follow up on this matter. 🙏

11. oktober 2021

Support is poor! Doesn't apply stickers correctly, no way to manage collections or product stickers. Applies multiple stickers incorrectly to the same image making products look poor. Removes product tags. Support is ineffective and has a terrible response time. You'll have to troubleshoot your own problems. Don't count on them fixing anything. You'll waste more time than it's worth. Save yourself the money and time.

Inner Nerd
Næsten 3 år bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 12. oktober 2021

Hi, sorry to hear this. Our support service is from Monday to Friday, and we responded on Monday, as we received the request on Saturday. We also provided guidance in the past months to rename your sticker from 'wandavision' to a different name in order to be compatible with our tagging system. We also provide a restore feature so you can always put back one or more of your original photos anytime. We always provide tech support, but some issues require additional information before we can proceed to produce a fix or update for some specific use-case. We do expect to be given a reasonable amount of time in order to investigate a case to find the correct solution. Although our support isn't instantaneous, we do provide precise solutions and can deploy script updates very quickly for our users.

Redigeret 3. november 2018

Worst customer support ever. Rude, unprofessional manners, a bunch of lies and lack of understanding. This guy called Jason from customer support is a JOKE. I have tried to understand how to set product photos as after adding watermark pictures got pixelized and low quality. Also, I had an issue with watermark logo display poor quality and option of restoring my photos back to normal. The guy on the chat is there occasionally and when described my app issues, he was trying to convince me that on his display looks brilliant (sic!!!) and finally said: " I got to go, send me an email". I have tried to contact via email and have not received any response since. In case if they cat help you - they'll ban you on chat and will not respond to your emails. The app needs more attention, as the CS staff. Don't waste your time unless you're happy with the poor quality.

Næsten 2 år bruger appen
12. maj 2019

The app is ok, definitely not worth $8 a month. You're better off finding a dev on Fiverr and have them create an app for you, that's better off in the long run.

Why the 1 star: I was billed for this app when I uninstalled it before the end of the month came around. I thought it was strange, so I messaged the dev if he could give me a refund and he's been unwilling and very arrogant that he's not going to. That's not fair, and clearly shows the dev's morale on this sort of thing. Overall the dev from my experience, won't give a damn what the customer says. I will never do business with this dev, and highy recommend to stay away from this dev's apps in general.

Lust Well
2 måneder bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 26. maj 2019

We issue refunds in cases that fall under our refund policy. There's nothing out of the ordinary about it. I'm sure you do the same.

Redigeret 21. november 2019

We can only tell you what happened to us. We used the app...wanted to take it off but what happened is that it is not possible to remove the watermarks once they are on your pictures. Now, we have to reload all of the pictures in our store because of this app.

Response to App Developer's comments.
You aren't going to pull this and get away with it. You told us that we had to put in "dnw". For two weeks, you wouldn't even respond to us...then when you finally did, you told us that we would just have to go in and LOAD NEW PICTURES. Even when you contacted you and told you that we had changed the marking percentage to 0, the watermark still showed up the same. When we tried taking out the word and leaving nothing, it still wouldn't take off the watermark. We told you you all of this and you IGNORED US UNTIL WE POSTED THIS COMMENT. THEN YOU BECAME SO CONCERNED ABOUT US.

P.S. They are more concerned about their negative reviews than they are concerned about our products and the problems that their app is causing us

Voiceopin International: Child Abuse Information & Online Shopping Center
Cirka en måned bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 20. november 2019

Hi, this app isn't compatible with 3rd party photo compression and similar apps. If your photo filenames are changed (by another app) then our backups will go out of sync. This information is presented on the membership purchase page and the FAQ. We always take these types of issues seriously. As such, we also offered another idea to help you easily restore your photos but it was declined.

12. juni 2018

blocking me from accessing the apps that the customer service center is handling is another stupid move that proves my point,
Rude Customer services call center, obviously, it was a mistake to download the app in the first place thinking it would help remove the watermarks.

30 dage bruger appen
Redigeret 6. maj 2023

We attempted to restore all of our images, and now all of our images are gone. We attempted to contact Engage - Easy Watermarks Support via their chat and received a canned response. Bottom line up front, use this app at your own risk. We had to learn the hard way, and we hope you will not make the same mistake.

This is the response we just received from their amazing support "Hi, I saw that instead of waiting for a response, on a weekend mind you, you went directly to the review to damage our business with a 1 star review. You will need to remove his review before getting assistance from us. Let me know when it’s done and I’ll look into this issue. Cheers"

Bravo, Engage - Easy Watermarks.

Jingle Truck Toys
12 dage bruger appen
Engage Apps svarede 6. maj 2023

Its Sunday morning at 8AM. You send a chat request. The response asks you to wait until someone gets back to you. Instead you decide to leave a 1-star review and send us a photo of the 1-star review. We have a zero tolerance policy for merchants using the review system to threaten and attack developers.