Easy Watermarks

Easy Watermarks

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Easily add stickers, logos and texts on your product photos

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Unlimited watermarks

Get a membership and automatically watermark unlimited photos.

Add badges and stickers

Add or remove a sticker graphic on specific product photos.

One-click bulk watermarking

Click 'Watermark All' to watermark all your product photos in one-click.

有關 Easy Watermarks

This advanced watermarking app has every feature you need to add text, logo, and sticker watermarks to all your product photos.

Easy Watermarks is the best tool available for fast and easy watermarking.

Why Easy Watermarks?

Easy Watermarks provides the most user-friendly interface to make watermarking a breeze! Easily add your custom logo in png or jpg format and process all your images in bulk. Also add stickers and badges to your photos. There's a built-in previewer with loads of options such as image resizing and background fills and coloured borders. It only takes a few minutes to setup and complete!

Free Watermarks!

You can use this app to watermark any product images for free! Just select your product and click 'Watermark Images'.

Badges and Stickers Available

Automatically add sale, free shipping, out of stock, and many other stickers to your product photos. Stickers and badges can be easily added or removed by adding or removing a keywords in your product edit pages.

Lowest Prices in App Store

Easy watermarks is designed to provide the best value at the best price. It's free to process one product at a time, and a very low fee for bulk processes or unlimited usage monthly memberships.

One Time Payments

If you just want to watermark your images once, no problem! We offer a low-cost single payment option that will automatically watermark everything in your product catalog. We'll also store your backups so you can restore anytime!

Friendly Live-Chat Support

Our support staff is always around to answer your questions and help assist you. Don't waste your time with other apps that screw up your photos and don't answer emails.

Everything is Backed Up

Never worry about your photos, because our membership plan include unlimited backups and unlimited watermarks. If you need to restore all your photos at any time, just send over a message to our team via chat, and all of your images will be put back exactly as you left them. You can also change the watermarks at any time without having to restore.

Automatic Watermarking

Our membership plan offers a service that will automatically process any new images you add. You'll never have to change your plan since our membership plan offers Unlimited Watermarks!

Restore Anytime

You can restore your originals anytime by clicking the Restore button. Anytime you bulk watermark your photos, you have access to Restore All.

Disable Right Click on your Shop

Our members has the option to disable the right click contextual menu so that online visitors cannot easily steal their photos.

Other Powerful Features

Image resizing, compression SEO file renaming, and Alt Tag updating tools included.



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Free Watermarks


  • Use the Watermark a Product button to select any product.
  • Free & Unlimited usage!
  • Restore the originals anytime.

Regular Shops

每月 $7.99

  • Unlimited Bulk Watermarks
  • Unlimited Stickers and Badges
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Available for shops with less than 15,000 product photos

Large Shops

每月 $14.99

  • Unlimited Bulk Watermarks
  • Unlimited Stickers and Badges
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Available for shops with 15,000 - 50,000 product photos

Yearly Plan

每月 $4.00

每年一次收費,按 $47.99 計費

  • Unlimited Bulk Watermarks
  • Unlimited Stickers and Badges
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Available for shops with less than 15,000 photos
  • Price may differ

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

4.6 5 顆星


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RV Yard

Great app!
Easy to use and manage. Can definitely be more stream lined and tweaked to be more user friendly, but good all around

Chic for Everyone

I have been using this app for a couple of months on 4,000 products. It works very well, the selection of stickers is great, support is fast and efficient. What I like is that if my sale discount changes, I do not need to remove the first sticker, the new one applies to the ORIGINAL pictures. Removing thousands of stickers would take hours! Beware your number of variants! I had products with 100+ variants, it would take 5 minutes to update each product. I just added a sticker to 16 products with about 50 variants each and it took an hour. Also, the app does not provide a way to stop the run once it has started. I started a run then immediately realized I had made a mistake. I had to wait 1 hour before rerunning the job. But for products with a reasonable num ber of variants, the speed is reasonable. Thank God, otherwise updating my 4,000 products would take 28 days, running 24/24, LOL

The Wayward Queen

Works great!
Makes all the watermarks consistent on all my images, no matter the size.
I wish I had found it sooner!