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30. listopad 2023

App doesnt work well. If their support team fixes up one thing, there is always something else that breaks. I haven't been able to use this app for what it was meant to do even though I have been paying $39 every month for the past few months. Whenever I set up a new offer there is always an issue: fraudulent orders being created, quantities not adjusted correctly are some of the issues experienced. Their previous version worked better, this new version not designed or tested properly. I cannot be testing the app for them.

Jihoafrická republika
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Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 3. prosinec 2023

Hi Importatoy,

I'm sorry for the unhappy experience that you encountered while using our app! Our support agent, David would like to arrange a call meeting to solve all the things you have encountered at once. However, we have not received your response on that yet.

Our team is looking forward to your response soon! Just let me know your idea via our live chat system.

Datum úprav: 22. leden 2024

Update - The developer writes our our on all possible channels to revise the review. He is looking for the founder of the store.

We feel harassed

We didn't like suport and also the app. It's not easy to use and it's old fashioned. We do not recommend!

Doba používání aplikace: 11 dny
Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 27. prosinec 2023

Hi Zaphino,

Our team at BOGOS is very sorry for your unhappy experience with the app and our support. We took your question very seriously and have taken measures to improve our service.
David from our support team has reached out to you via email for more details.
We hope you can check his email soon so we can resolve the misunderstanding for your store.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

24. říjen 2023

The App allow customers to place 0 value orders of our gifts for campaign. The loss we had suffered from this app far exceed the app cost.

We do not recommend this app to anyone.

EcoFlow ES
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Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 25. říjen 2023

Hi EcoFlow,

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Our customer success manager has sent you an email to resolve the problem and clarify the Fraud order protection feature that we have. Could you help us check your mailbox?

The BOGOS Team.

16. prosinec 2023

This is pathetic app, the moment I dowloaded and saved it to my theme my website crashed. The checkout drawer stopped working . Don't go with their rating.. Pathetic app. Beware before installing.
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Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 18. prosinec 2023

Hi Hungry Koala team,

I'm sorry for the unhappy experience you have encountered! We have checked carefully from our side and taken immediate action to discover the issue caused by 2 missing events in your theme rather than coming from our app. However, our technical team is willing to help you with the problem within the theme as much as we can.
We have sent an email to your mailbox and are looking forward to your response!


13. červenec 2020

Really not good. The app creates a free variant on our website that is visible on our website, we tried to hide it many times but there is nothing to do. People can hack it and add free products to their orders. We have contacted the app many times without any chance to make it work, we paid developers to work on it but there is nothing to do...

Spojené království
Doba používání aplikace: Více než 4 roky
Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 16. červenec 2020

So sorry for your unhappy experience. But as our last email, you just required us to leave it for your developer to handle the app and then things just got out of our control. We have just sent a quick follow-up mail, please reply to it and we can have a chance to back you up carefully. Thanks!

29. duben 2019

Have used the app for many months but as a result someone called Luke Bendall has been able to fraudulently order our GWPs and only pay for the delivery never for any product. Last year it cost me £1000s as he was ordering 25 of each product and only ever paying for delivery. I don't how this has happened but it seems to be linked to how the app creates a 100% variant. I removed the app and this stopped but used it again for the first time this weekend and spotted an order from him again. Please beware, would hate for this to happen to someone else.

Spojené království
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Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 15. červenec 2019

I'm really sorry, but your issue has been fixed now by our new feature name "Using DraftOder API". Could you please check it again and reply our email from Many thanks!

Datum úprav: 12. červenec 2019

I need to leave a 1 star review.

App was allowing products ''purchase'' at £0.00 cost. Item was listed for nothing even though the cart was not fulfil the rules set up.

After they fixed this one there is another problem. You can't buy the promotional item if you want to purchase it outside the promotion.

Let's see what the support will do about it. At this point it is too much problems considering the loss I made and the app price.

Spojené království
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Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 15. červenec 2019

I'm really sorry, but your issue has been fixed now by our new feature name "Using DraftOder API". Could you please check it again and reply our email from Many thanks!

5. září 2022

It worked well for about two weeks. After that, something broke and all of the items in the special offer, you could add to your cart for free. after escalating it to their support, they started working on it - next morning they said its fixed, after I checked it was not fixed. I escalated it again, AGAIN after 1 day, they said now its fixed, only to find out today its not fixed. they are not even checking after their fixes. yes. their support is friendly, and quick to reply, but this situation is making me move away

4Endurance Slovenija
Doba používání aplikace: 8 měsíci
Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 5. září 2022

Hi Admin,

I'm truly sorry for the unhappy experience you have encountered with our app. Our team has already resolved that and checked all other product pages and they are working properly now. If you need any further assistance, feel free to let us know and we would be more than willing to support you!

Datum úprav: 5. září 2022

Great support. Setting up was easy. No bugs so far, we just set it up in a matter of minutes and lets see how it goes from here. UPDATE after 2 weeks: After using the APP for 2 weeks, we encountered the first serious bug, people were able to add the gifts to their cart without reaching any treshhold. After looking at negative reviews, I see the problem is fairly common. However, after reporting the BUG, they supposedly fixed it, but after checking it was not fixed. Then again I reported it, then again after 24hours I get notified that its fixed.... but again... just to find out, that its still not fixed. either they do not even check after they "fix" things.... or they dont know how to fix it. This is getting ridiculous. At this point, we lost trust in their devs and will most definitely move away to a different app.

4Endurance Italia
Doba používání aplikace: 8 měsíci
Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 2. srpen 2022

Thank you very much 4Endurance Italia,

We were thrilled to get such positive comments!
Thanks to your efforts, we are now even more motivated to improve our services in the next days :D

Please get in touch with us via Live Chat or email at if you need assistance.

Enjoy your wonderful day!
Free Gifts - Customer Service Team

Datum úprav: 9. březen 2022

Stay away from this app. This app caused a major issue in our store. We used this app to create an offer - a small gift with purchase during a seasonal sale then had the offer scheduled to turn off after the sale was over. Months later, we figured out that people using Shop Pay got our high-priced items for free! Even though the offer was expired on the app. The products that people were getting were not free gifts, just regular SKUs. This error caused by Free Gift App was a loss of $2,500. This is not including all of the time that we are spending auditing the orders, being on the phone with support, and removing this code from our store. I reached out to their support team to request a reimbursement, and they completely denied my request even though they admitted it was their fault. (I wish I could attach screenshots of the conversation to this review as proof) Not only did the app zero out the cost of a regular SKU/variant that had nothing to do with a free gift but it also only works on the Online Store sales channel. Their support rep told me after the fact that they recommend posting products on the Online store only not other sales channels. Yet that is not listed anywhere on their website, instructions, or user guides. This is a problem because we have multiple sales channels like Shop, FB, IG stores etc... I bet that a lot of other stores do too. I can not believe that Shopify supports and recommends this app to store owners.

Spojené státy
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Vývojář Secomapp odpověděl 10. listopad 2021

Dear Bebonia, 

We are truly sorry for this inconvenience! Our app prevents this case by setting all the gifts’ fulfillment services as manual. However, those orders were still auto fulfilled by a 3rd-party system of your store. This was beyond our reach so we are not able to affect that. 
In this case, our suggestion is to duplicate the product and use the duplicated one as gift only. So the gift won’t be available on other sale channels.

We are truly sorry again for this unhappy experience! It does relate to the 3rd-party system so it is not possible for us to take full control of it.
If you need any further assistance, just let me know and we will try our best to support you!