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2023년 6월 23일

Seems expensive at first but after one or two purchases earned from the apps features you make it back and then some. We've had these hoodies sitting on the shelves for months and a couple weeks after adding through the app with a discount at checkout we sold out of them! Customer service has been awesome. They always respond quickly and informed. We had one issue with another app interfering with the this one and they contacted the developers and found a solution quickly. We have a lot a lot of products on our store and this is a great way to push slow moving items. I recommend it. One thing is make sure you check out the settings in the app when you start, a lot of the problems I initially had were easily fixed within the apps setting. Customer service was great and patient directing me on these features!

Salty Savage
앱 사용 기간 23일
답글 Secomapp개 2023년 7월 2일

Hello Salty Savage,

We are grateful for your wonderful review! Our entire team is ecstatic right now! As a consequence of your support, we will continue to work hard to improve the products and experience for our loyal customers.

Please contact us via live chat or email at support@secomapp.com if you require assistance. If you require our assistance, we are always available!

We hope to be of assistance to you!
BOGOS - Customer Support Team

2023년 1월 6일

A great little app to cover a variety of different functions. We wanted to automatically add gifts to cart as part of a promotion and this was the perfect solution to achieve that outside of Shopify's limited discount functions.

When trying to make changes when we encountered problems, David on the customer support chat not only helped us figure out how to make a new promotion work but also offered insight into other ways we can use the app to achieve what we wanted. Definitely worth it if you anticipate making a lot of promotions.

Car Gods
앱 사용 기간 3개월
답글 Secomapp개 2023년 1월 13일

Hello Car Gods,

That review has warmed our hearts tremendously! David is speechless right now because he is overjoyed by your compliments!
Thanks to you, we now have even more motivation to improve our services in the days ahead:D

If you ever need assistance, please contact us by Live Chat or email at support@secomapp.com.

Best wishes,
Free Gifts - Customer Support Team.

2022년 10월 8일에 편집됨

I'm not one to leave a lot of reviews, but I had to for Free Gifts. I tried so many other apps before I finally one that does what I actually want, which is automatically add 2 free gifts to the cart for the purchase of one product. The functionality is awesome and can be very tailored to suit your needs which I loved. Also the support team was awesome - very prompt despite a large time difference, super helpful and went above and beyond to help me make sure everything was set up correctly. 100% recommend this app for special offers on Shopify. The absolute best!

Metabolic Transformation
앱 사용 기간 5일
답글 Secomapp개 2022년 10월 13일

Hi there, Metabolic Transformation

Thank you so much for your kind words about our assistance :D
Your excellent comment has given us a lot of confidence, and we will use it to improve our services!

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance; we'll be available via Live Chat and email at support@secomapp.com!

We look forward to working with you again!

Best wishes,
Free Gifts - Customer Support Team

2023년 6월 28일

I recently came across the BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y app, and I must say it has truly impressed me. As a frequent user of similar apps, I can confidently claim that this one stands out from the rest. The ease of use and the ability to effortlessly unlock fantastic deals like free gifts and buy X get Y offers make it a must-have for any bargain hunter.

One of the key highlights of this app is its user-friendly interface. The navigation is intuitive, allowing for a seamless browsing experience. Even as a first-time user, I found it incredibly simple to find enticing BOGOS offers. The app ensures that users can promptly locate the desired deals without any hassle.

Compared to other similar apps I have tried in the past, this one truly excels in terms of functionality. It not only presents a wide selection of BOGOS deals but also provides clear and concise descriptions alongside each offer. This feature eliminates any confusion and enhances the overall user experience.

In terms of overall performance, the app has operated flawlessly for me. It loads quickly and is extremely responsive, making the entire browsing and transaction process swift and enjoyable. Additionally, the app also has a notification system that alerts users about new deals and promotions, ensuring that you never miss out on a great offer.

The Sydney Art Store
앱 사용 기간 7일
답글 Secomapp개 2023년 7월 2일

Hope that you are having a nice day, The Sydney Art Store!

We, at BOGOS app, are overjoyed to have received the most wonderful words from you!
Thanks to you, we are more motivated to improve and develop our services further and further!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, if you ever need anything just drop us a message on LiveChat or via our support email support@secomapp.com

BOGOS - Customer Support Team

2022년 11월 24일에 편집됨

I had a great experience with Brian, Anne and David. They all helped me customise my theme for the free gift promotion for our Black Friday Sale. I am super happy with their quick service! David in particular has helped us with a lot of our promotion offerings during the Black Friday Sale. Everything I thought that was not possible, David made it possible for our store to run multiple promotions at the same time. I highly recommend this app!

Unicorn Superfoods
앱 사용 기간 10개월
답글 Secomapp개 2022년 11월 17일

Good day to you Unicorn Superfoods,

Thanks a ton for your wonderful feedback! Our team, especially Brian and Anne, is so happy to know that we could assist you promptly. Your precious support would definitely motivate us to work harder to improve our app and our support team.

May you need any further assistance, please feel free to drop us a message via live chat or email us at support@secomapp.com. It's always our pleasure to accompany you.

All the best,
Free Gifts - Customer Support Team.

2023년 7월 24일

I would highly recommend this app to anyone interested in offering a free gift with purchase. The team is based in Vietnam, but they have someone working US-friendly hours that is available for live chat and helps convey asks to their dev team for when they come online during Vietnamese working hours. We had some dev asks and they were extremely quick (less than an hour) to help solve them. I'm blown away by how helpful and nice the team is. Very excited to make use of the app.

Ornot Online Store
앱 사용 기간 5개월
답글 Secomapp개 2023년 8월 14일

Greetings, Ornot Online Store

We here at BOGOS love the great vibes you're sending our way:D
We are ecstatic to learn that you are pleased with our assistance!
Our staff will continue to strive for greater excellence in order to improve our service!

Please contact us by Livechat or email at support@secomapp.com if you require assistance.

BOGOS - Customer Support Team

2023년 7월 20일

I was recommended BOGOS by a friend after I mentioned I needed an easy-to-use "free gift with purchase" app. Installing it ended up being one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Not only is it easy to setup and just WORKS, but the customer service is BEYOND what most apps will ever offer. Rarely is there ever an issue, but when there is one, they're on top of it and fix it fast.

My business basically is only profitable with "free gift with purchase" deals and I use BOGOS to make it work. So I quite literally depend on BOGOS to keep my business alive and profitable. It's that good.

Wicked Warlock
앱 사용 기간 5개월
답글 Secomapp개 2023년 8월 14일

Dear Wicked Warlock,

This is BOGOS - Customer Support Team. Thank you so much for your compliment on the BOGOS. Your support means the world to us and it would encourage BOGOS Team to work tirelessly to improve the features for our valued customers.

If you have any further requests, please feel free to contact us via our livechat or email us at support@secomapp.com. We are always ready to serve!

Best regards,
BOGOS - Customer Support Team.

2023년 8월 15일에 편집됨

Have been using this app for a while now, and it has definitely helped raising the average order in our stores, as well as it's a great way to let customers try new products.

The support team is always super helpful and gets the job done quickly!

앱 사용 기간 11개월
답글 Secomapp개 2023년 5월 4일

Hi iGlow.no,

Thank you for letting us accompany you in your business. We are all happy to know that we could assist you and make you satisfied. Your support motivates us to work harder on improving our app and our support team.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our live chat or email us at support@secomapp.com. We are always ready to support our customers!

Best regards,
BOGOS - Customer Support Team.

2023년 4월 18일

This app & development team are amazing! Here is why....

1. Increased my AOV significantly
2. So easy for anyone to install and setup
3. Best customer service! I had a few modifications to the design and they made the changes so quickly, literally within the hour of being requested.

You will not be disappointed. I tried several other apps and never could get them to work properly. This one is top notch!

Hunny Prints®
앱 사용 기간 3개월
답글 Secomapp개 2023년 4월 24일

Good day Hunny Prints®!

We are all so proud that our app and support can make you feel satisfied! Your trust and wonderful feedback motivated us to keep on developing the app and providing better services to our customers.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave us a message via live chat or an email to support@secomapp.com. We are always ready to support you!

Best regards,
BOGOS - Customer Support Team.

2022년 11월 15일

We were searching for a GWP app that would do everything we needed it to do for what felt like forever, and we finally found this and it's perfect! Lots of functionality and customization, an easy way to test and get a link to only show the deals to certain customers, and the customer service is VERY responsive and very helpful. They helped match the design to our store within about 2 minutes. Definitely recommended!

Verve Culture
앱 사용 기간 8개월
답글 Secomapp개 2022년 11월 17일

Greetings Verve Culture,

We just received your glowing review and we couldn't be any happier :D
With your support, our team can continue to improve our services to make sure that they would get more perfect, every single time!

Our team will be right here over at Live chat or in the email support@secomapp.com if you ever need us! Let us know and we will be right there to assist!

Much appreciated!
Free Gifts - Customer Support Team