Free Gifts by Secomapp

Free Gifts by Secomapp

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Free gifts, buy x get y, bogo, gift with purchase, buy 2 get 1

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Increase customer loyalty

Increase your sales! Attractive incentives motivate customers to come back more often

A large variety of offers

Buy X get Y (BOGO), Buy 2 get 1 free, Purchase over 500 USD get 1 (or many) free and many more...

Boost sales on up-sell banners

Banner promotion in the cart helps customers know exactly how close they are to receive a promotion!

Über Free Gifts by Secomapp


A powerful tool for multiple offers to boost sales and conversion rate. Free Gifts app provides you with a set of solutions from easy to complicated offers about giving gifts, discounts, up-selling and cross-selling to customers on Shopify, seasonally or whole year round.

Your shop will be more vibrant and lively, always on the vibe of the special holidays to take full advantage of crazy sales seasons.

Customers will prefer surfing your site and staying for a while to discover all surprising deals that you treat them compared with other shops with nothing to give.

Free Gifts app covers most of the hottest gifts and discounts offers.


Buy One – Get One: Very easy but effective promotion rule: When customers buy one certain item, they will be given another kind of product as a gift.

Offers on Certain products (Offers on Catalog rule)

Customers gain free gifts or any kind of discounts only when they purchase particular products. Example rules are:

  • Buy X get Y free
  • Buy X get 40% off of Y
  • Buy X get many free gifts ( Y,
  • Buy any product from a category A get gift(s)
  • Buy any product from a vendor A get gift(s)
  • And Many More...

Offers on cart (Offers on Cart rule)

Customers receive gifts or any kind of discounts based on their shopping cart. Conditions can be total product quantity, total order value, etc.

  • Purchase over 500 USD get X free
  • Purchase over 500 USD get 40% off of X
  • Purchase over 500 USD get many free gifts (X, Y... free)
  • Purchase 3 items get X free
  • Purchase 3 items get 40% off of X
  • Purchase 3 items get many free gifts (X, Y... free)
  • Purchase 3 items get one gift (or multi gifts) in a category A
  • And Many More...

Multi offers on cart rule

You can create multi rules (multi offers). For Example: Purchase from 500 USD to 1000 USD get a pen free and purchase from 1000 USD to 2000 USD get a book free.

Upsell and cross-sell

You have a chance to draw customer attention to other products on your store. Customers who are buying one product are likely to be persuaded to get other products which are complementary or even of higher value if those ones are displayed as free or discounted items.

Motivate customers by Promotion Message and Banner

Promotion Message and Banner is displayed on cart page. It allows shop owners to advertise and help customers know exactly how close they are to receive a promotion! This is like a smart strategy to urge them to buy more or it is called up-sell but it doesn’t make customers feel annoyed.

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4.6 von 5 Sternen

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Stickie Tech

Horrible experience. They completely messed up my cart and when i add products to the cart, it doesn't update. Reached out to support and they said they backed up my theme, but they backed up my theme incorrectly. All the changes made were also in my "backup" theme. I had to manually revert all of the code they made and guess what, it all started to work again. I spent 3 hours trying to fix all of this and all customer support said during this time was that it wasn't their fault. Well I just fixed it by reverting all their code, so yes, it was their fault.

Antwort des Entwicklers

18. Januar 2021

Hi there,

I'm sorry for the unhappy experience you are having. We've been trying to connect you via the ticket number 90925. Could you please check it and let us know your thoughts? Thank you so much!

RoseGold & Black

Best Support Team Ever // Fully customizable app!
I recently downloaded this app as I have been looking for an app to be able to offer "BOGO Buy 1, Get 1 Free" offers and came across "Free Gifts by Secomapp" and I could not be happier. They installed the app extremely quickly into my websites Theme, just under roughly 12 hours, I downloaded the app on Sunday so they installed in it 12 hours even though it was a weekend which is very impressive. The functions of the app are great, more importantly... the service was incredible. We communicated via email, I was sending through lots of customizations and slight changes to the look and design of certain features and "Louis from Secomapp" made the big and small changes exactly how I requested and within no time at all after he received the email. Lately I have been downloading and using many apps and have worked with some great support teams with amazing service. but the service from Louis was like no other service I have received. I 100% recommend this app not only for BOGO promotions but if you are looking at upselling products and want to work with a team that puts in time to help out. I would give them even more the 5 stars if I could! Check them out!

Honey Play Box

An excellent App that works very well with our website. The developer of this App provided a great service, helped us set up the App in a timely manner, and met our business needs. Highly recommended!