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19. september 2023

Over the past 10 months, I have spent over $116K with this company. Unbeknownst to me, until about a month ago, they had been auto-billing overage fees to my credit card. They do send invoices; however, if you are not reading in detail, you would not be aware that they are auto-billing overages since there is nothing that stands out on them that would draw your attention away from the other 100s of Freightcom invoices that hit your inbox.


To make matters worse, once this was discovered, the dispute process is painful and borderline criminal. There is ZERO evidence provided from Freightcom as to why the package incurs extra charges.

****The only way to dispute these charges is to provide detailed evidence (photos, etc) of the package you shipped a month (or months) ago. Yes, that's correct... the same package you already measured and weighed and input into their system!****

This is impossible if you have a large catalog of one-time shipments. When confirming the manufacturers very own public published product dimensions with this ignorant team, they will tell you that information is not good enough and that you must duplicate the shipment as evidence and take photos. This is virtually impossible if you sell or re-sell high ticket items, special-order items, or if you repackage goods in the boxes you happen to have on hand.

It's a shame their accounting and billing is so shady, as the remainder of this company and app is half decent. I couldn't possibly recommend less though, as you will end up in a financial predicament like me where freight costs are significantly higher than what you saw at your shipping counter.

Truck Part Superstore
11 måneder bruger appen
Freightcom svarede 21. september 2023

We appreciate your feedback.

It's important to understand that additional charges are relayed from the carrier through Freightcom to the shipper.

Our accounting team is working to dispute the charges with the carrier on your behalf, but the information we require is needed for us to move foward and initiate the billing dispute with the carrier.

The same information would be required in order to dispute the charges whether you were using a similar service or dealing with the carrier directly.

Our team is here to help achieve the desired outcome for you, the shipper.

Please contact our accounting team with the necessary information get to process moving forward, and we'll answer any additional questions you may have at this time.

Thanks again!

Redigeret 2. marts 2021

Clickship has a lot of useful automation. It has a lot of advantages for most businesses. They also have had a booth at CVE Canadian vape Expo for the past 4-5 years promoting age verified shipping services to the vape industry. The issue is when you integrate your canada post account to clickship you lose the ability to select 19+ as adult signature age. 18+ is printed out on the labels for provinces with a 19+ age of majority. This has been brought to their attention. Hopefully we can have a fix soon. We can still use clickship with canada post for QC, Alberta and half of the provinces that are 18+ but not for the other half.

Flavour Crafters Inc.
Næsten 2 år bruger appen
12. maj 2022

I don't know how they are able to get positive reviews. I've used this app for 3 years now (because I dont have any other option available). They are buggy, their support is WORST than Facebook support... when you finally get someone to speak to you. Most of times, they dont have any tech support to talk to you. Most of times you don't even get a call back, so you have to insist. If you can stay away from them, do it and if you know an alternative, please let me know. Thanks

Miellerie St Patrice
Mere end et år bruger appen
Freightcom svarede 31. maj 2022

We're sorry to learn that you have not had an optimal experience while using ClickShip. Our team takes development and customer support very seriously and will continue working toward building ClickShip as the best shipping app for Canadian businesses. We have scaled our customer service and technical team to accommodate our growth. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service representatives in the future. Thank you for the review. We appreciate the feedback.

28. oktober 2020

0/10 you ask many times for a manager to step up, No one there to solve issues.
Good luck getting anyone to call you back. It's a nightmare dealing with them., Rude customer service,
Zero support,
No, follow up on anything. Shipping companies lost lots of my packages. Zero claims processed, I waited 4-6 month. sent many Emails to the rep, and submitted all necessary info by email and on freightcom website. No response
then after complaining. they said you haven't submitted anything!!! Complete waste of time! Lots of money lost in shipping and no claim.
and many hours trying to follow up!!. no result NOT recommended AT ALL

Laptop King
11 måneder bruger appen
Freightcom svarede 29. oktober 2020

Hello Freddy, first and foremost, we are sorry for your negative experience and truly want to help you resolve this.

Thank you for your feedback. We take great pride in our customer service and our team's support. We have looked into the history of this account and several attempts have been made to reach out to you without success.

Claims can be a complicated and tedious process at best. Of the 6 claims you have made, we have tried multiple times to get the documentation from you to process the claims. One of the items required is a “Cost invoice” of the goods sold; which we have made many attempts to acquire from you, again without success.

We are committed to helping you resolve this situation as we understand how this can hurt a small business. Please get in touch directly with us and help us fulfill the documentation required by the carriers to process these claims on your behalf.

We continuously update and improve our onboarding procedures and shipping information to help educate our customers on best practices and what to do in these situations to ensure a timely resolution.

2. maj 2019

We contacted the company since our packages are cleared through customs without our consent after 2 to 3 weeks of waiting in the respective post office dispatch centres.

We call for our contacts to take care of it and constantly transfer us to another telephone line and no one answers them.

A complete waste of time.

10 måneder bruger appen
27. december 2018

We used this app when it first came out. Works great for parcels but if you use them to bring freight across the border BEWARE. The pricing that they quote is awesome until you get the bill for the up charges. We had one where we were charged more for handling once it got to our destination than it cost it to ship from NYC. We were charged for a liftgate when we have a loading dock and internal delivery for them to bring the pallet inside. (I have pallets delivered inside all the time and I am never charged extra). On another one we were charged for redelivery even though there was a free dock but the driver would not wait. I wrote lengthy emails about both of these and was told they would be looked into. Nothing happened....they side with the trucking companies no matter what.

Chilly Chiles- Largest selection of Hot Sauce in Canada
10 måneder bruger appen
Freightcom svarede 29. oktober 2020

Sorry for your experience. Massive improvements to the process and application have been made.
I'm sure you would have a much different experience if you gave us a shot again.

28. august 2020

I had non stop headaches using this service. I was constantly charged for things that I wasn't supposed to be charged for, the app wouldnt work when I needed to book a pickup, and the app doesn't tell you when your packages cant get picked up on certain days, which ended up slowing my deliveries down. Im better off staying with shopify payments.

Koh Beauty
17 dage bruger appen
Freightcom svarede 29. oktober 2020

We appreciate the feedback. Massive improvements have been made since you used us. We would love it if you gave us another chance to change your mind :-)

12. april 2021

I was not able to get this app to work on my Shopify store, I kept getting messages that would say it is an unsafe connection. If I used the Freightcom website, the rates were not cheaper to ship with Canada Post. Customer service was rude.

Sarah's Cut Flowers
10 dage bruger appen
Freightcom svarede 14. april 2021

Hi Sarah,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We appreciate the feedback you've provided and our team is currently looking into this issue.

All Apps which are originally not created by Shopify are considered third-party applications. Therefore, Clickship would reflect as an unlisted app when a user tries to integrate their Shopify Marketplace.

We ensure the highest level of data encryption for all our customers and thus you can rest assured about the safety aspect of the tool.

We've tried reaching out to you multiple times but unfortunately have not been able to get a hold of you.

After reviewing our customer support email logs, we found that the conversational tone was courteous and supportive, but we apologize for any misinterpretation. We take great pride in our customer service and continually review our processes to provide the best customer experience.

Finally, we are eager to help grow your business with our services and would be happy to schedule a demo with you and to assist you through the Clickship journey.

Please reach out to us at: