Frequently Bought Together PRO

Frequently Bought Together PRO

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Amazon Style Related Products. Increase sales

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Related Products - More Sales

Show recommended products and upsell based upon your customers purchasing history. Perfect for BFCM.

Frequently bought together

Customize everything within the app. Related products, Upsells.

US based support ready to help

Our customer support team based in the US is ready to help. Get frequently bought together upsells setup within minutes!

关于 Frequently Bought Together PRO

Instantly add Frequently Bought Upsells to your Shopify store in one click!

In just one click - the app will show a widget to increase sales from your product pages. We calculate recommendations based upon order history and customer purchasing habits.

Who is the app for?

Any Shopify store of any size! Any store can benefit from using the app!

How will the app benefit my store?

Increase the chances of conversion by showing customer products they would like! Product Recommendations can be directly correlated to improved conversions. Upsell to increase Average Order Value.


  • One-Click
  • No coding
  • Instantly turn on or off
  • Frequently Bought Together products
  • and thats it! Nice and Simple!

No developers needed!

The app works right away. Start improving conversions now! If you have any issues just let us know :)

Install today and start improving right away!

One click installation. No coding needed! Takes less than 60 seconds to get set up.








4.9 评分


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Eazily Store

It's great?!! Helpful and efficient I will come back for another time to let you guys know how it goes

Vintage Living Homestead

I hope this will boost sales, so far looks great. Would be nice to not recommend out of stock items.



Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback! 🙂 I have submitted your request over to our development team, but if you have any additional details you'd like to share, feel free to send us a message at We'd love to hear from you! Cheers, Kevin

Hello Riselle

Customer service is so great! The response time is quick and they resolved my issues quickly. Thank you Laurence and Lalaine!



Thank you so much for the positive review! 🙂 If there's anything else we can do, please feel free to reach out at any time. Much appreciated, Kevin