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The is not bad, but there are 2 big complaints. It seems that filter by manual collection seems not to be working. And I am not able to offer customer a discount if they don't buy the whole bundle. They should also be rewarded if they add 2 out of 3 upselling items if they are abvoe the "Minimum bundle price to offer a discount"
Code Black Belt 已回覆 2021年3月4日

Hello, thanks for trying the app and for your feedback,

After checking your store data, we can confirm that the collection filter is working correctly on your store. We have emailed more details to you so you can check it too. We have also changed the wording of the feature in the app preferences page to prevent any future misunderstandings of how the collection filter works.

About the bundle discount, the goal of the discount is to encourage your customers to buy the full bundle and for that reason it is not applied if they do not buy the full bundle. This is how the app was designed to help upselling your cart value.

Even if those two features were not designed as you expected, we have checked them and we can assure you that there is no related malfunctioning. We hope that you can still make the most of the app in your store and that it can help your sales.

Remember that our support team is available 24/7 to assist with the app configuration. We wish you the best for your business.


Working with app developer to fix the location of the bundle appearing on product pages.. by default the bundle is shown at the very bottom (scroll scroll) of product pages.. I think everyone wants it to be up by the normal add to cart button at the top of the product pages. I love the app.. but it is all about location, location, location.
Code Black Belt 已回覆 2020年3月22日

Hello, thanks for trying our app.

The widget position in your product page is totally configurable, we can change it for you in a minute if you want.

Unfortunately, you uninstalled the app right after posting this review. If you install the app again please contact us and we will configure the app exactly as you want.


HOw to change the pacment of this offer ?
It take place at the bottom of my product page .. please help

Code Black Belt 已回覆 2020年1月11日

Hello, thanks for trying our app!

Our support team can place the app wherever you want it in your product page in just a minute.

Unfortunately, I see that you uninstalled our app just before posting this review. If you still want us to change its placement just install it again and tell us where you want it, we will be happy to configure it for you.


not easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to usenot easy to use

Code Black Belt 已回覆 2020年1月8日

Hello, thanks for installing our app!

We have checked that the app is working smoothly in your store. If you have any questions or need any assistance just drop us an email, our support team is always happy to help.


im not sure yet let me see ehat i can do first before i say my opnion about anything. i just wantg to use it and see how good is it

Code Black Belt 已回覆 2020年1月6日


Thanks for installing our app! I have ensured that the app is working smoothly in your store and improved a bit the styles configuration to blend perfectly with your theme.

Our support team is always ready to help so just reach us if you need any assistance.


I am having a little confusion how to use this and how it will work with my configuration so its trying to setup

Code Black Belt 已回覆 2019年12月21日

Hello, thanks for trying Frequently Bought Together.

The app is automatically configured right after the installation, please check a video recording of your store at

Our support team is always here to help you make the most of the app, just drop us an email at any time and we will be more than happy to help.

Besides, the app is extensively documented at

Just contact us and we will help you with anything you need!


Très bonne application mais beaucoup de difficulté pour placer le widget exactement où je souhaite. J'attend l'aide du support

Code Black Belt 已回覆 2019年7月15日

Notre widget est placé automatiquement dans un endroit sûr. Si vous connaissez les technologies Web, vous pouvez changer d’emplacement, mais si ce n’est pas le cas, nous serons toujours ravis de le configurer pour vous.


Extremely cool and effective app highly recommend. I haven't used it much yet but i guarantee I will love it hoping it to increase sales!

Code Black Belt 已回覆 2019年3月27日

Thank you for you review.

Our team did a quality check of the app and it is working smoothly and tuned to your store's theme.

The app is present in the product pages and recommends product bundles based on sales history or manual or random recommendations and does not require you to do anything from there.

Sales depend on many factors, including, the number of products the store has for sale, the store's sales history, its traffic and customer base.

We are pleased to hear that you like the app and recommend it, thank you.

If you have any further feedback for us, we would be more than appreciative to hear it and see how we could have received a 5-star review instead.

Thank you!


Really good app, but haven't really got sales yet. On the other hand, the algorithm matching of group buy doesn't seemed to match the similar type of products for Frequently Bought together, probably the developer should work on that.

Paradise Shopphere
Code Black Belt 已回覆 2019年3月26日

[Note: the feature which allows developers to reply to reviews has only been available since March 2019, that's the reason for the late reply]

After installation, a quality checkup was done by our team to see if the app was working well and tuned to their theme.

The merchant wrote this review only 2 hours after they had the app installed and did not have any previous sales history and very few products for sale.

We wrote to the merchant to explain that the app needs time to build recommendations based on previous sales history and that recommendations can be set to automatic, random, manual and global, but given that the store was relatively new with very few products to sell and had no sales history, the best option would be to set it to random or manual recommendations first.

Unfortunately, we did not receive a reply from the merchant.

Please note that our recommendations algorithm has been performing very well for thousands of merchants who make sales on a daily basis.


Its Ok,

Lifetime Of Easy
Code Black Belt 已回覆 2019年3月26日

[Note: the feature which allows developers to reply to reviews has only been available since March 2019, that's the reason for the late reply]

We checked the app and it was working smoothly in their store and tuned to their theme. We wrote to the merchant to try and get some more feedback, explaining that the app is fully configurable, and see how we would have earned a 5-star review instead, but received no reply.