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Personalize customer experiences with ease


Analyze, personalize, optimize

Understand your customers, engage them across channels and optimize results - no technical knowledge required.

Engage across channels

Deliver impactful, channel-appropriate content based on customer behavior and interactions across email, website, mobile & app.

Super-charge your tech stack

Unify data and see results quickly as Fresh Relevance integrates with all off-the-shelf and custom-built solutions.

有關 Fresh Relevance

To thrive in a competitive, global market, offering a personalized customer experience is key to improving customer value and retention. But personalization can be very hard to get right as it involves different teams, channels and tools.

Fresh Relevance helps marketing, CRM, eCommerce and merchandizing professionals solve this challenge by putting them in the driver’s seat.

Our versatile personalization and decision engine seamlessly integrates with your tech stack, joins up data silos and provides insights on how to optimize the customer experience. Powerful solutions and an intuitive UI make it easy to engage shoppers across the website, emails, mobile and app.

We help hundreds of online businesses to unlock their full revenue potential by engaging customers across the purchase funnel and customer journey - no technical expertise needed.

The result: improved conversions, customer value and retention. On average, clients see 25% of online sales being influenced by Fresh Relevance.

Cross-channel experiences

Prepare, test and schedule experiences across website, emails, mobile and app.

Dynamic content

Delight customers with dynamic web content and email content that’s always up to date.

Product recommendations

Increase revenue with product recommendations based on the shopper’s unique interests.

Triggered emails

Encourage customers to buy from you again and again using marketing automation.

Behavioral targeting

Treat shoppers differently based on their actions and lifecycle stage.


Localize offers and drive traffic to your bricks-and-mortar stores.

Onsite popovers

Grow your email list and reduce site abandonment with targeted pop-up forms and offers.

Social proof

Drive conversions and engagement through FOMO and wisdom of the crowd.

Customer data management

Connect siloed data across your martech stack for rich customer profiles.

Testing & optimization

Use revenue-based reports and testing to optimize results.

Shopify app

Integrate Shopify data with any other marketing platform.

Customer success stories

  • Getting Personal sees sales uplifts with dynamic name personalization and triggered emails
  • Iconic Lights makes their website shine by switching on onsite personalization
  • Jewellerybox makes SEO gains and achieves significant sales uplifts with Fresh Relevance
  • Buyagift experiences significant sales uplifts with Fresh Relevance


  • Oracle Marketing Cloud,
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud,
  • Acoustic,
  • Dotdigital,
  • Trustpilot,
  • Klarna



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Fresh Relevance subscription required. Pricing is based on the selected modules and website average monthly page views.

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