friar duck

friar duck

af Dream Awake Solutions LLC

Buy, Trade, Refurbish and Resell.

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Seamless Trade Ins

Easily accept trade-ins and issue payments, store credit, or discounts to customers.


Track trade-in from just-received to ready-to-sell. Create part orders, add labor and update product cost automatically.

Start Selling Fast

Move your refurbished trade-in right into your shop inventory with the click of a button and profit!

Om friar duck

Enabling trade-in programs for every merchant!

Keep your ducks in a row when organizing trades from customers and refurbishing used products for resale. If you have a "Buy Sell Trade" store, this app is designed for you!

Trade-in management

  • Create trade-ins using the Admin or Shopify POS app.
  • Customers can initiate and track their own trade-ins from your ecommerce site (Coming soon).
  • Generate offers for customers with both cash and store credit options.
  • Adjust store credit vs. cash offers to incentivize customers to trade for products in inventory.
  • Track customers’ trade history and store credit.
  • Record payments and manually pay customers with check, Venmo, or other means.
  • Gift card payments support for plus merchants (coming soon).
  • Automatically send trade-ins to your refurb queue to process, then add to your Shopify inventory when ready.

Store Credit

  • Allow customers to pay using their store credit at the POS.
  • Generate discount codes from store credit customers can use online.
  • Manually adjust Store Credit from your admin.
  • Intelligently apply sales tax adjustments when using store credit at the POS (if applicable in your region).

Refurb product management

  • Obtain part orders from either parts on-hand in Shopify inventory or from an external source by providing a URL and tracking number.
  • Optionally part out a trade-in into multiple new products and scrap the original.
  • Track the state of part orders from “waiting for parts” to “ready to refurbish.”
  • Add refurbished trade-in products to Shopify inventory when ready to sell.
  • Adding to inventory sets the total calculated refurb cost including parts and labor.


  • Customer tab includes payments, trade-in reports, and store credit.
  • Reports tab includes full history of payment, trade-in, and part orders.
  • Total calculated refurb costs include parts and labor for accurate cost of goods sold.
  • Export to CSV (coming soon).

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