Fuel: Print on Demand

Fuel: Print on Demand

by Fuel POD

Lowest Prices. Finest Quality. Super-Fast Turnaround.

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Driven Brand Apparel

At first, they printed stuff fast, now as our brand grew, it takes 35 days plus more for them to print a tshirt. I'm trying to save my brand because of my upset customers and the lies Fuel told me about making my print prioritized. Prioritized after 30 days, and its been 5 days since and nothing shipped yet. I'll take my business elsewhere, you should too if your brand means anything to you.


Worst POD company ever. They will ruin your business. Don't fall for this trap.
They are actually ScalablePress (the worst POD company in existence). They just renamed themselves to FUEL since they have zero reputation and they are ashamed of their name "Scalablepress" and their old app had 1 star and was kicked out by the Shopify.

Deejers Design

You lost my business. Shame on you for deceiving your customers. We all count on you and you have failed to deliver.

Doggylips.Com LLC

This is an update of a 5 star review I gave FUEL more than a year ago. I believe that the rating was deserved back than. Sadly, and rather strangely, in the past couple of months FUEL has gone from one of the best POD companies to one of the very worst, in every way. The biggest problem is extremely delayed orders with no explanation and apparently no caring. I still have two that are over a month old and haven't been shipped yet. Customer service used to be exceptional. Now it is almost non-existant. Yes, they usually provide initial responses reasonably quick, but they are mostly canned and of little use if not downright misleading or false. Print quality used to be reasonably good, not many complaints. But from what my buyers have told me over the past two months - the print quality is not at all reliable any more, many complain that they are washed out looking out of the box, and fade more each time they are washed. And I am aware of at least three situations where the wrong shirt was sent. Right image, but not the brand or style that was ordered, the shirt color isn't the same as what was ordered, and of course what was sent was a cheaper product. I could go on with other issues but the causes are unknown so in trying to be fair I won't mention them. I suspect one of the problems is that FUEL is relatively new, and as they grow it seems that they are incapable of handling increased work load. They aren't even issuing refunds like they used to. Come on, more than a month 'in production' and won't cancel or refund? I've been getting rid of all my Fuel listings - recreating and moving them to other POD companies, which at least thus far have been better in every way - surprisingly, even cheaper. I won't mention names because that isn't the purpose of reviewing FUEL, but if you care about your business reputation, you should use someone else. I'm spending many days deleting and recreating elsewhere, but what choice is there?


I am having orders for more than 30 days that are IN PRODUCTION. This is unacceptable!!! I do not recommend this app.


Update (5/6/2021): Wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but we officially hit having orders that are 30 days old, which is completely unacceptable. No clue how it takes 30 days to put an item in a printer. We have started to shop around for a new vendor, but the process of transferring all our orders would be a pain. They refuse to issue refunds for super old orders as an apology which is crazy, so I decided to refund the customers that are this overdue at my own expense, and eat the cost of the item since I still want them to receive it and provide good customer service. Hopefully they can return to normal turnaround times soon or else we will be forced to leave Fuel out of respect for our customers. Quality: Not bad for the price. The print comes out right 98% of the time. We have shipped over 7,000 items from them this year and I would say we had issues on about 100 of them. Shipping: Shipping, especially international, can be super slow. Some international shipments take at least a month for delivery. Domestic can be quick, depending on where it ships from and if it is DHL ecommerce or USPS Priority. Turnaround time: This is my biggest complaint. Sometimes they ship stuff out in one day, sometimes it takes a month. We currently have 8 orders that are almost 30 days old. That is not acceptable for any business, and I wish they would recognize that and give some refunds like any other proper business would do. Customer Service: Respond pretty quickly, but sometimes they have a hard time understanding what I am asking for. I think the customer service is international based. The App: The app must be accessed through Shopify, you cannot access it on a standalone website. The system is relatively dynamic, but when you try to change existing items, etc, it gets pretty complicated. Luckily their FAQ gets updated somewhat frequently. Overall: If they could just fix their turnaround time, or at least be sympathetic to their customers when they get promised from customer service that are not kept, they would be able to compete with the big players in POD. I work with other clients that could bring them thousands of orders per year each, but I am refraining from bringing them over to the FUEL because of turnaround times.


Avoid at any cost. Read and don't dismiss these comments. Worst POD vendor I've used. Poor mgmnt. Incapable of processing orders in the order they receive them. Orders frequently get "stuck" in their system or so Max says. They don't care appear to care about small companies. They likely process orders from their bigger clients first. They perform maintenance without warning and then cause massive shipping delays. Shopify should be ashamed for allowing this app on their platform. Take your money elsewhere. Lot's of POD apps out there and Fuel shouldn't be on your list of options. Shopify clearly doesn't vet the vendors providing services on their platform or this company wouldn't be allowed on it.


Avoid this app. There are better POD companies out there. Quality, shipping time, support and every other thing is horrible.

T-shirt Inker

FRAUD!!! SCAM!!! LIARS!! First of all this company has 1314 Customer Complaints in the past 12 months with the Better Business Bureau. They are Scalable Press and OOShirts!! look them up!! I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THEY WILL PUT UP FAKE 5 STAR REVIEWS ON HERE TO IMPROVE THEIR RATINGS. They've been caught doing this multiple times before and reported to Shopify. They even put their warehouse address on a fake shopify accounts for their 5 star reviews. They can't even do that right so how do you expect them to print your shirts and ship them out correctly? There is always an excuse for everything that goes wrong with them which is basically everyday. If you want to know how this company works watch the Fyre Festival Documentary on Netflix its literally how Max and his team operate to the tee!!! Glad to see all these one star reviews for these frauds!!! UPDATE!!! NOTICE HOW FUEL HAS NOT RESPONDED TO ANYONE'S 1 STAR REVIEWS??? ITS BECAUSE THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR COMPANY. LET THAT SINK IN!!!!

Rhyno Mart

Very poor customer service, they don't even reply to you even after 24 hours. You have to wait a long to get a reply. Their app doesn't work it won't show tracking detail for the orders i complained about and they promised to give a tracking details sheet and still not given it to me its been 3 days. Their production time is 5-12 business days and the orders of the march are still in production. Please don't use this vendor they will promise you that don't respond to you properly and take huge time to reply. They deserve negative stars.

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