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Bewerkt 21 december 2023

I was very happy with the free version of the App. However, the free version is gone now and we only knew due to lack of data in GA4. We were willing to pay, no issue here, but the lack of communication and now the missing days of data set of off.

We updated our review after contact with Sean. Stil not perfect, but the tool works fine.

Spice Rebels
6 maanden gebruiken de app
Fueled heeft geantwoord 16 december 2023

Hi there. I'm sorry that you were not aware of our move to a paid model. We sent the email that you have on file with your store 7 emails between October 25th and December 4th about the upcoming change. We confirmed that this is your preferred contact email on your website as well (bottom right-hand corner.)

I sent these emails via Hubspot, and I can see that they were all received - and that your team read our email from November 16h three times.

We did not take this decision to move to a paid model lightly. Due to the costs of hosting a free app, our options were either to move to a paid model, or turn the app off completely for all users.

We understood that this transition might be challenging, so we offered merchants 2 months to make the transition (6 weeks notice, plus a 2-week free trial period.)

We also published a transition guide for migrating to Shopify's native (and free) GA4 connector, which takes 5 minutes. And I personally offered to assist anyone with questions or concerns.

I'd be happy to discuss this further with you at your convenience if you would like.

Sean Larkin
Founder, Fueled

20 maart 2023

I am a bit worried about the rights this app might have regarding data protection/sharing.

If I understand this correctly, this app can use all store data, that flows through this API Google Analytics GA4 stream for their business and also give/sell it to 3rd parties.

This would mean, by using this app customers agree that Fueled can use customers shop data and customers, customer data for their own purpose.

If so, this would be a huge deal. This could then affect customers very negatively, if this data goes into wrong hands. And even create competitors.

Please correct me if I understood something wrong.
Thank you.

25 dagen gebruiken de app
Fueled heeft geantwoord 20 maart 2023

Thank you for reaching out. But that isn't the case. We are an attribution app that simply passes the data to Google Analytics 4. We integrate with Shopify's Privacy API so that merchants who leverage a cookie consent app can respect a shopper's decision to opt out. We certainly don't monetize any of this data in any way. That would be both unethical and a violation of Shopify's terms of use. We just help merchants send these attribution events to Google.

(Moreover, Google Analytic's Measurement API and GTag won't accept personally identifiable information.)

Privacy is absolutely critical. I'm happy to say that your concern isn't an issue for the merchants who leverage our app.