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Fulfillment Bridge

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Order fulfillment, Order Shipping, Multi warehousing

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We are located in 14 countries around the world. To be close to your customer and offer Domestic, cheap, fast and tax free shipping.

One stop fulfillment solution

Freight forwarding, pick & Pack, ship, return and more all in one place, for you B2C and B2B needs.

Cutting edge technology

We offer you the most advanced Order and inventory management features seamlessly integrated with your shop(s).

有關 Fulfillment Bridge

Who we are? Fulfillment Bridge provides a global logistics , order fulfillment service, warehouse and 3PL provider for online sellers.

Integration We integrate with multiple sales channels. You can easily import products, orders and locations. Also you can create and update order fulfillment.

Fulfillment Bridge Through our Cloud-based global logistics platform. You can connect to different sales channels, import your products, then send us stock to different warehouses around the world. Now you can start fulfilling your orders. Our web application will help you choose the best shipping option and warehouse using preset rules. And as we have full transparency you can always check shipping rates through our shipping calculator. Whenever an order is shipped your customer will receive a notification with the tracking details at the same time your order status and stock will be synchronized in your shopify store. You can also track your orders in Fulfillment Bridge. You cannot imagine an efficient and optimal logistics system functions without a robust and reliable inventory management system. That’s why at fulfillment bridge we offer you detailed inventory tracking. In addition to automation, Fulfillment Bridge offers you a dedicated brand manager to help you with the logistics and fulfillment while you focus on growing your business.


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Our shipping rates are on our shipping calculator. Contact us for fulfillment and storage fees or check our website.

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