Fulfillment Doctor

Fulfillment Doctor

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Get notified on unfulfilled pending orders

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Fulfillment Doctorの詳細情報

As store owners, whether fulfilling orders internally or by external partners, the worst was to hear from a customer, complaining as for why his order wasn't shipped yet. That's the reason Fulfillment Doctor was created.

This app tracks all past orders in your store, and shows you only the orders that had been paid and are still opened, but were never fulfilled. In addition, you are able to set alert notifications to be sent to your email address, at selected times, in order to make sure you or your team never miss any open order.


  1. All unfulfilled and partially fulfilled orders aggregated together. No need to struggle to find them among regular paid and fulfilled orders.
  2. Easily track and identify the orders waiting for fulfillment too long
  3. Set email alerts to be sent to several email addresses, at your chosen time, so even if you don't track the store's admin daily - you'll still get notified for pending fulfillments

This app does not require any setup from your side. Upon installing, you will see the full list of orders waiting for fulfillment, and you'll be able to set alerts in the settings screen.




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3.6 5つ星


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App is simple to install and easy to use. We did not continue to use it though because it would not allow us to set individual reminders for individual orders. Great app but just did not meet our needs.


Great tool to verify there are no forgotten orders. We are working with an external fulfillment company, usually all goes smooth, but on the other cases this app let's you know what is waiting and for how long.

tatty - קעקועים זמניים

What a gem! Once you start to get hundreds of orders per month, there are always some orders that are not fulfilled due to human mistakes, due to not finding the product on time, and are forgotten. This app allows us to see a centralized view of all these orders, and getting it by email is even better. Every MOnday, 0900AM sharp we get an email with all the pending orders, so there are no leftovers any more.