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2 de junio de 2021

I worked with this company for a few years and they are phenomenal. Very easy to reach if you need customer support, they ship things out very quickly and the integration with shopify was perfect.

Coping Skills for Kids
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 2 años
16 de noviembre de 2020

Fulfillrite has been an amazing fulfillment partner, allowing us to focus on growing our business. Our account rep Josh provides excellent customer service whenever we have questions or special projects. Easy software setup, transparent pricing, orders come and packages get shipped out. Since we switched to Fulfillrite we get a lot of compliments from customers on how fast they receive their orders. Would highly recommend to any other merchants!

Waves Puzzle Co.
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 4 meses
6 de agosto de 2020

Fulfillright is an awesome fulfillment partner to work with, it is very easy to get started, their services are very reliable (our customers are happy with the delivery), the cost structure is transparent and straightforward, and their customer support is the best - they were always happy to help us and were very prompt to answer all our questions and enquires (and we had a lot of them especially before launching our Kickstarter campaign). Also, very easy integration with Shopify!

Nueva Zelanda
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 9 meses
19 de febrero de 2020

One of the few companies that made our life easier running a business. Josh is a customer service super star and has been nothing but supportive throughout our journey. Highly recommend.

Malek Labs™
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 10 meses
19 de agosto de 2019

Fulfillrite has been a Great partner for us getting our products fast and securely out to our customers. Their system automatically chose the most best and often most affordable shipping method across a range of offered currier services. Having Fulfillrite as an overseas fulfillment partner has professionalized our shipping process tremendously.

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 4 meses
Fulfillrite respondió 19 de agosto de 2019

Thank you for the kind review! We're really glad to help you save money and provide great service for your customers. We wish you continued success in business!

1 de agosto de 2019

Fulfillrite is simply THE BEST! Lightning fast fulfillment, awesome customer service and I don't think they've ever dropped the ball on an order..seriously. We've tried other fulfillment services, but nothing comes close to fulfillrite's level of professionalism. Six Stars.

American Deadstock
Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Casi 4 años
Fulfillrite respondió 1 de agosto de 2019

Thank you for the kind review. Keep up the great work with American Deadstock!

Fecha de modificación: 28 de mayo de 2019

Four and a half years later, and we are still committed to our relationship with Fulfillrite. Over the years, I continue to be impressed by how easy they are to work with, how smart they are, and how responsive they are. The app has improved over the years, and it seems like every time I think, “It would be nice if the app did this,” within a short period of time, even without me requesting it, the app ends up doing the thing I wish it did. It’s often updated before I even realized I needed that update in my life. While the app design is very simple, it is so robust and provides me with reports I want, the ability to check shipping prices easily, and they are now working on a beta to link their shipping prices to Shopify… genius! Joe is super kind, helpful, and responsive. I couldn’t ask for a better partner!

Original review from November 2014:
Fulfillrite does an amazing job at everything. During our initial contact, we had great service as they helped us understand how the app would work, and also how we can use it for our Kickstarter campaigns. We had many calls and emails back and forth, and I was so impressed that they had thought of EVERY detail. There was no question I could throw at them that they didn't have a solid response to. This was impressive, and I was getting hooked. Then we took the leap and started to use them. The app is amazing as it does all the work for you. Orders from Shopify show up quickly over in my Fulfillrite account. And Fulfillrite's website is just amazing. I can import orders, add orders manually, or the orders are automatically there from Shopify. And then the Shopify orders get marked as fulfilled, and emails are sent out immediately to my customers. And I can track progress on every order, and the data is practically real time. The team ships out my orders so quickly, I'm certain that my customers are impressed and pleased. I certainly am, and I'm so glad we found them.

Estados Unidos
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Más de 4 años
Fecha de modificación: 5 de marzo de 2019

Great services indeed. Joe and Sol are really helpful and responsive. Shipping is very fast as well. If you are are selling over 75 orders a month, this is the perfect fulfillment company for you. Even if you are a beginner seller, they are willing to work with you on the fees. Amazing customer services!

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 6 meses
10 de mayo de 2018

The customer service at Fulfillrite is outstanding, Joe and his team are able to respond to queries in less than 24 hours!

The web portal is extremely easy to use, easy to navigate and the process to ship your inventory to shipping to customers is second to none.

I am due to start my journey with Fulfillrite very soon and I cant wait! Anybody that is looking for fulfilment services, I can honestly recommend Fulfillrite - they truly are a breath of fresh air and you will not get this service anywhere else.

Reino Unido
Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: 4 meses
20 de abril de 2018


FulfillRite web portal is easy to use and everything is working great. We are a Canadian company and this service allows us to ship USA orders in 2 or 3 business days for half the price of Canada Post. It's faster, cheaper, and everything is tracked. It also allows us to ship Canadian orders by ourselves using another fulfillment company. It is a very flexible solution and service is great too, thanks to Charlie and Joe. Web portal is not fully mobile optimized but it's working ok on my iphone. I installed Shopify app and a bookmark to Fulfillrite web portal on my iphone and business is fully portable and automated. It's definitely a great addition to our business.

The only downside is that they don't have a warehouse in Canada. For Canadian and UK fulfillment we use Shipwire. We clearly see the difference between the 2 services.

Communication: Fulfillrite will answer any question same day. With Shipwire you often have to wait 3 days, it's never the same person who answers, you constantly have to re-explain the issue.

Time to process incoming inventory: With Fulfillrite my stock is ready to ship same day. Sometimes I even receive the notice before my transporter mark the shipment as delivered. It is fast! and you can start selling right away. With Shipwire I always have to wait as long as 6 to 7 days after delivery for my inventory to be available to ship. It's way too long, how don't even understand how they can be so slow.

Shipping price: Fulfillrite pass on their great rates, it's cheaper to ship with them. Shipwire markup on shipping price. For the same shipment to California USA using USPS Priority Fulfillrite will rate shipping at 6.51 USD, while Shipwire will cost you $9.97 + 1.50 (expended carrier). For the same box, Fulfillrite will cost 0.30 and Shipwire 0.46. All those fees add up quickly. Shipwire will even charge you for a recycled box from another company where they don't even remove labels... it looks so unprofessional.

Warehousing care:
Fulfillrite will make sure they never ship a damage product. You can talk to them about any issue and they will quickly adapt. At Shipwire they open boxes and leave them open, you have dust all over your product. They clearly damage our products but ship them anyway.

Managing lots simply:
Fulfillrite simply manage lot, first in first out. For a cosmetics company it's a must and they do this without any fuss. At Shipwire they say they manage lots but actually they don't. I discover this when I tried to ship myself some inventory. They shipped newest products first and the old one were left on the shelf. I got left with expired products and thousands of dollars of loss.

It's just too bad Fulfillrite is not available in Canada and UK. I would be your first client!

Tiempo de uso de la aplicación: Alrededor de 5 años