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Funnel Boss

Funnel Boss

Developed by Awesome Software

Price: $9.00 / month Free Trial: 21 days More info
  • Maximize your ad profit
  • Find the social networks your customers use most
  • Separate buyers from browsers

When every advertising dollar counts, you need to know where to advertise. You can't advertise everywhere (too expensive), and you can't try everything (too slow).

Enter Funnel Boss. Funnel Boss's beautiful referral dashboard shows you exactly where your sales come from. When you know where your sales are coming from, you can go to your audience instead of letting them come to you. You can talk with them, even create special discounts for them.

Visitor Analysis For Merchants

Funnel Boss is a specialized analytics tool just for Shopify stores. It is designed from the ground up to show you just what YOU need to focus on turning your visitors in to customers.

Social Network Summary

See which social networks are most popular with your customers, so you know where to concentrate your energy.

Enhanced Referrer Data

Every analytics service tells you where your visitors come from. Funnel Boss breaks that data down to show you which sites are sending buyers, and which sites are just sending browsers.

At A Glance Dashboard

The most important data is shown immediately when you log in - how much revenue does a single visitor bring to your shop, on average? Traffic sources are ranked by their average value, which shows you immediately where you can concentrate your marketing energy.

You'll see instantly whether paid search is more valuable than organic search, along with the value of every social and advertising channel.

See WHICH customers buy, and HOW they buy

Funnel Boss automatically shows you your highest-value referrers. Armed with this information, you can more precisely target your product listings, and even reach out to those sites that send you the best customers.

Get Analytics Designed JUST for E-Commerce

Funnel Boss is the only analytics program made from the ground up for Shopify.


We've cut the price of Funnel Boss by over 50%. Try the 21 day free trial and start getting to know your customers.

$9.00 / month
21 days


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