Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

av Open Think Group, Inc.

Simple and Fast Google AMP (Speed & SEO with AMP Cache)

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Google Mobile AMP

Get indexed and cached with the coveted lightning bolt for your Products and Collections with AMP quickly with just a click!

Faster Experience

Mobile Shoppers demand the fastest experience. Now you can AMP your Shopify store with ease and simplicity using Accelerated Mobile Pages

SEO Perfected

The proper URL structure for your AMP pages is your own Domain/Brand. No complex configurations, no 3rd party hosting, and no subdomain.

Om Accelerated Mobile Pages

For A Limited Time Only:

  • No Recurring Charges
  • One-Time Charge Only

In an effort to boost installs and reviews and to share Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) with more users we are offering this One-Time Charge option for a Limited Time. STOP paying monthly recurring charges over and over and get this special price right now. One installation, click and done.

AMP Your Shopify Store

  • Get AMP cached & indexed in Google Mobile Search now!
  • AMP your Shopify Products and Collections with a click!

Why Accelerated Mobile Pages?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) validation is necessary to get cached in Google Mobile Search. Mobile e-commerce is booming and Google created the AMP Project to provide users/shoppers with a faster experience by caching AMP pages (think lightning bolt icon in Google Mobile). You see this with all the major publishers like; eBay, CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, Overstock, and more... Now you can too.

We are experienced in creating Shopify stores for many clients as a trusted Shopify Expert since 2011 based in Salt Lake City, UT USA. Over the years we have had to expand our role to take clients to the next level with custom development of Shopify Apps. Enter our path as Shopify Partners... we bring to you application development from the front lines of running an e-commerce business.

SEO Perfected

We've created a URL structure for your AMP site that is your own Domain/Brand. No complex configurations, no 3rd party hosting, and no subdomain.

Support When You Need It

Email us with any issues or Live Chat and we will provide personalized support to ensure you are up and running as expected. AMP app is GDPR compliant.

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  • Google AMP,
  • Google Analytics




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4.5 av 5 stjärnor

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De senaste recensionerna

Coastal Gifts Inc

Update: The customer support team has continued to communicate with me even after removing the app manually and I will give them credit for the constant customer responses and corrected my words as communication has been excellent but we could not agree on a resolution.
UPDATE to App Developer Response: You seem to have conveniently left out the fact that your app quit working and there was no way to uninstall the code that you put into my 867 product descriptions that I had to remove by hand each one. So yes it went from 5 stars to 1 star as you should tell customers upfront what you are going to change in their website. I have never had an app that added its own code to my Product Descriptions and the first time I installed your code it doubled all my descriptions live on the store so all my customers could see it until I could remove them all. UPDATE: I am left with over 800 product plus my collections pages to clean up the code this app installed without telling you on this page. Still no resolution, contacted Shopify all they could do is escalate to Partner App Support. UPDATE: They are communicating just not coming up with a resolution. So in the meantime I have no AMP and I am getting errors from Google Console. I am only seeing "Whoops, looks like something went wrong." when I open the Amp App from OTG. OLD REVIEW: I want to share my positive experience I have had with Accelerated Mobile Pages by Open Think Group, Inc. They have been very helpful getting us set up. We had some minor issues where it duplicated all of our product description in our store because of the tabbing code I was using that my theme developer provided. I'm sure he did not know that this conflict would happen with another app that wants to use the description WYSIWYG to place the AMP code for the AMP version of the product page. After a couple of days of remove the tabbing code with the help of OTG I was able to get the AMP working for all product pages and in a few days almost a 3rd of my pages have been indexed already. Thank you for your great customer service.

Utvecklarens svar

22 januari 2021

UPDATE: Thank you for your revision. It’s not our intention to have any client have issues or issues go unresolved. We realize that sometimes our app simply isn’t compatible to what you may have installed. We wish you the best moving forward.

UPDATE: We worked very quickly to respond to Wayne's particular issue with over 70 correspondences even during weekends and after-hours. If you follow that their initial issue was resolved and the cause of any following issue was due to more modifications by them. Not all apps are AMP compatible. When you mix numerous 3rd party apps you may experience issues. With that said we instructed the very simple process of "uninstalling" with the click of a single button to uninstall prior to deleting the app. Once you delete the app you no longer have access to the app. You must "uninstall" first if that is what you intend to do. We tried to help and offer what was appropriate to remedy this isolated issue.

It's unfortunate to see a 5-star review experience go to 1-star in 1 week when the only thing that changed was the end-users own actions and modifications.

ORIGINAL RESPONSE: Thank you for contacting us first and giving us the opportunity to work with you. Happy to hear you’re getting indexed quite quickly.


Incredibly easy to use, and the customer service has been very quick and helpful with the couple of enquiries I had.


The app didn't suit my needs, but the customer service was awesome. Can definitely recommend to those looking for a simple but effective AMP.