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Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

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Bewerkt 11 februari 2021

I need update for this,For the first time I liked design but I couldn't reinstall it because redeem function was stopped.NO close button or go back button on mobile widget on each screens. Very funny , It cannot restore customer data.If you reinstall it redeem function will be broken.Unkind customer service,I don't think this is good

Macau SAR van China
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 15 uur
Gameball heeft geantwoord 11 februari 2021

We are sorry to hear about the experience you have described, encountering issues can be quite unfortunate, but no system is bugless. We as well want to clarify that we do support the close button and the back button on the mobile widget view, and it is free of charge. Also, we do mention and you receive a confirmation message upon uninstallation that any configuration will be deleted.
We've already reached you out and we are still waiting for your response to work with you on updating your customers' data again and check the issues you reported.

26 juni 2020

First impression was, "Oh wow! Pretty!". Then as I keep looking at the program I would find these hidden walls. Options that said they should be part of the Standard plan but instead they were for Pro or GURU.

This is something I see far too often on Shopify. Great looking apps with important options that are, SURPRISE!, an extra charge.

For instance, the Missions? They require Guru right now. When I asked Ahmed about it, it was a copy write error. Well that's a pretty big error. That's a major component that goes from being $30 to $400 dollar. That's not a mistake, that's on purpose.

In the Purchase Reward area if you want to send a campaign for like a "Double Points weekend", surprise that's a pro feature! As of this review no where on their Shopify page, website, OR upgrade function inside the app says this.

Want to make a new Player Type? SURPRISE! That's a Guru feature too.

I'm frustrated because I wanted to like Gameball. It's pretty. But I also need a program that's going to function fully without having to pay my car note worth of app.

If they actually had this stuff on the Standard tier like they said, this would be a 5 star. Hell, I'd be tempted to go Pro to get unlimited integrations. But it feels like its gonna be a random whack a mole of which feature is on the highest tier.

If you're a small business and don't have unlimited funds to through at a single app, then it's cool. If not? Give it time.

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App gebruikt gedurende 5 dagen
Gameball heeft geantwoord 26 juni 2020

We are so sorry for your experience. We never intend to manipulate our clients with misleading texts. The copy issue was a sincere mistake that we fixed right after you drew our attention to it.

We immediately offered the feature for you in your current plan as a compensation at no extra charges; no tricks here.

As for "player types", it's a feature that requires a bit of coding and API accessibility, which is usually given to higher tiers. It's a very advanced feature anyway that is rarely requested except for our enterprise clients (Guru).

Again, we apologize for your experience, and we are always available to help shall you change your mind :)