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  • Fun and entertaining way to convert your visitors into email subscribers and grow your emailing list
  • Boost sales and conversion rates by creating a greater sense of value to your coupon codes
  • Easily create and customize a branded game that's fun and delivers results

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Convert your store traffic into email subscribers with Gamify! Create a fun interactive game slide-out to entertain and deliver rewards to your customers while collecting and growing your e-mailing lists.

How Does it Work?

Everyone loves the chance to win something and in exchange, they are willing to provide information about themselves.

Your interactive slide-out will display a customized branded game for visitors. When visitors enter their email address, they will be able to play your game to win a reward - whether that’s a coupon code or physical prize. The slide-out can be fully customized so you can specify your rewards, how it looks, how it is triggered and how the prizes are awarded.

By giving your visitors a sense of achievement for winning their prize, they are more likely to actually use the prize - so much better than simply displaying a coupon code.

What Makes Gamify Different?

Gamify offers a growing list of high-quality games to help your store stand out. Choose from: Spin a Wheel, Pegboard and Scratch Card. More coming soon.

You can also decide how many different prizes you want to give away and set the odds of winning each.

Change your game and change your prizes to keep your promotions fresh.


Game Selector
  • Choose from a prize wheel, pegboard dropper game or scratch card with lots more choices to come!
  • Make it your own by adding your logo and select a game theme.
  • Customization

  • You can customize your slide-out by changing the colors, fonts and messaging. Design it to match your website and add your logo.
  • More Prizes & Types

  • Giveaway coupons, discounts, and products. Customize the probability of winning and how frequently each prize is awarded.
  • Instant Win Prizes to convert and boost your sales.
  • Responsive to All Devices

  • Target your visitors regardless of whether they are using a desktop, tablet or mobile. Your game will look great and work on any device.

    Exit Intent & Triggers

  • Set up when your slide-out appears. After a specific amount of time, on exit intent or both. You can also add a tab that visitors can click to launch the slide-out.
  • Analytics

  • Track and reveal how your slide-out is being seen and used.
  • What is Interactive Gamification?

    Interactive apps like Gamify require your visitors' active engagement which is a great way to entertain and create a more memorable experience in your store. Give your visitors a fun experience and rewards. You get their information for future marketing and more sales.

    Gamify reviews

    13 reviews
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    By far the best gamified email collection tool ive used. I really enjoy that they let you choose the game, whereas the other gamified email collection apps only let you pick a spin wheel...something i think we are all tired of. Support thus far has been great, analytics and mail integration seem to be working well so far. Excited to continue playing with this app and reaping the rewards!


    Awesome app, I love that they offer a choice of games rather than just a spin wheel. Very easy to use, can't wait to use this when my store goes live


    Love it! I was looking for some sort of spinney wheel to do a promotion last week and i found the plinko board instead. I like it so much more! The fact that it doesn't let your customers lose was a major selling point. Love that you can customize the colors & add your logo.


    Love the game and especially the Plinku version. We use a real board like that on markets.... Just started with it so need to see how the email collecting goes, if hat works then it gets one star more. Easy set up and customizable.


    Really excellent app. It works just right for my store. Spreads out discounts randomly and fairly (and really is random instead of faking it like some apps do!)
    Graphics are beautiful and I was able to customize to match my site. Installation was super easy. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to make their website more fun!


    Awesome App. Very easy to install and customize, moreover its free. Thank you for making this great app.


    Love this app! Ever since I added it to my store, email collection has been easier than ever. Now I just need to work on my sales!


    I really enjoyed how easy it was to get my slide-out customized and launched, as well as the number of emails I was able to collect. I look forward to using Gamify on my other sites, as well as to run promotions in the future.


    I placed the PLANKO game in my store and set it to low %0 and also added a 40% off shipping option. I never lost a game and I always win Free Shipping. if I continue to use this, I am going to go broke.

    Update / Carter from Gamifly provided me support. I am going to use his advice and retry the planko game. I do like the features this app has compared to the other products. Also the fact it's free is even more a plus. I reverted my feedback to 5 stars for the review of my original review and suggestions made from Carter.


    Really easy to set up. I used the spinning wheel with some cool light effects. Nice to have the different game options, hope they add more.


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