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Price: Free – $39.00 / month More info
  • Offer exclusive products and prices to your customers
  • Give your customers a sense of security as they shop
  • Integrate with Shopify's CRM for seamless management

Trusted by hundreds of shops and more than 20,000 users.

Control who has access to your pages, products and collections with Gatekeeper. In seconds, restrict any part of your store to a limited audience, with complete control over user permissions.

How It Works

With one click, add a page, product or collection from your store to Gatekeeper, then add one or more users. That's it! When a guest visits a locked section of your site, they will be prompted to log in.

Who It's For

Wholesalers, buyers clubs, or anyone who wants to password-protect a selected part of their storefront.

Free Trial

Try Gatekeeper for as long as you want, with one free page/product lock and one user. Upgrade for unlimited use.


  • One-click protection for products and pages

  • Automatic locking for entire collections at once †

  • Per-user and per-group permissions

  • User signups out of the box, custom forms supported

  • Seamless sign-in for Shopify customer accounts †

  • Flexible localization options for your language

  • Protection for just prices, or just anything with content masking ‡

  • A complete JavaScript template API for custom features ‡

  • Liquid integration for your themes ‡

  • A one-lock, one-user trial - free forever!

† Subscribers only   ‡ Requires custom coding

Free – $39.00 / month


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