Gather: Refer a Friend

Gather: Refer a Friend

作成: Gather

Refer a Friend Campaigns. Reward Tiers. Sales Growth.

Sales Growth w/ Referrals

Automate refer a friend programs to grow sales. Reward advocates when their friends buy from you. Customers trust friends more than ads.

Newsletter Growth w/ Referrals

Automate refer a friend programs to grow your email newsletter base. Reward advocates and friends with coupons, or run competitions.

New: Reward Tiers & Milestones

Add milestones e.g: - Refer 2 friend and receive a 5% discount. - Refer 5 friend and receive a 10% discount. A powerful addition to Gather!

Gather: Refer a Friendの詳細情報

Learn about Gather's Unmatched Referral Features.

To get a Demo: Install the app on the free 14 day trial and you will receive an email about scheduling a demo call.

What Makes Gather Powerful at Growing your Customer Base?

  • It is the ONLY app that offers 2 types of refer a friend campaigns: One focused on growing your sales, and the other focused on growing your subscriber base.
  • It gives your the most targeted way to prompt customers to refer their friends, increasing your ROI.
  • It can cut your ad spend.
  • No coding.
  • It provides a multi tier reward system
  • Examples: A DTC brand launch with a milestone referral program (before products are available); An ecommerce refer a friend program (with single or tiered rewards); A multi-tiered newsletter referral refer-a-friend program for community growth.

About Gather & Shopify

Why does Gather have 100% 5 STAR Reviews on Shopify?

  • We offer you a dedicated success manager to install your referral campaign without any extra cost (done for you to best practice from our playbook).
  • We care; our support shows for it.

Join Many DTC Shopify Merchants who have generated over $2.5+ Million in Orders Acquired with Gather


Build Referral Programs that Convert

  • NEW: Multi tier reward system, for gamified referrals.
  • Referral programs to bring you more sales through your customers' friends.
  • Referral programs to grow your newsletter or customer base through your customer's friends.
  • Advocates can write personal messages to friends, increasing conversions.
  • Advocates can invite one or multiple friends at the same time by email.
  • GDPR: choose to allow advocates use their own email clients for referrals.
  • Each advocate has a unique invitation link they can share.
  • Referrals via Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger & SMS.
  • Automated referral emails sent on behalf of your advocate.
  • Automated referrals management: shows who referred who.
  • Advocate retargeting via email.
  • Precision Pop-up overlays to prompt customers on your site to refer their friends at the right time.
  • Sophisticated fraud detection system to minimize number of self referrals.
  • Referral retargeting system to remind advocates if they had not invited friends.

Target Customers by:

  • The page they are on
  • Referring sites.
  • Items in the cart.
  • How much they have in the cart
  • Triggers: Exit intent, page timer, site session timer.

Reward Distribution

  • Deliver unique coupon codes to customers and their friends upon successful referrals.
  • Coupon Autoresponder.

Design your pop-ups, or upload your own design.

Customize messaging sent to advocates and their friends.

Syncs data directly with Mailchimp, Shopify, Klaviyo & other Shopify integrated email marketing apps.

Intelligent ROI dashboards.


  • klaviyo,
  • mailchimp,
  • campaign monitor,
  • dotmailer,
  • aweber,
  • Emma






料金 14日間の無料体験


Gather Plan


  • No commission fees
  • 5000 Advocates & 500k site views / month
  • All features Included
  • Multiple campaigns
  • Set up consultations

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Black Velvet Sydney

Yes this app is not cheap, but you're getting WAY more than a highly agile and flexible app. You're getting guidance and excellent support to ensure your campaigns are optimised. If you're going to do referral programs properly, the Refer app is the only choice.

Local Food Drive-Thru

We are a small group of farmers and were interested in setting up a refer-a-friend program to recruit new customers. We are not programmers in any way. We found the videos and step-by-step instructions extremely helpful. But more helpful than that was the customer service. It felt like an old fashioned moment to have a HUMAN to talk to... A HUMAN who answer our questions...A HUMAN who helped us troubleshoot. I am sure we were a burden to Gather in the end but they were gracious the whole way through.

NIU Pre-sale

the app works like a charm, but it's the level of support that is unparalleled!!!
highly recommend over any other referral app i've tried



Thank you so much for your kind words! Part of the reason why we try to go the extra mile with customer support and success, is that we get to meet and learn about absolutely world-changing businesses like yours :)