Sell your products to geek fans around the world

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Increase Exposure

Reach millions of pop culture, anime and video game fans.

Boost Sales

Feature your products on Geek-it! Marketplace and geek influencers' social medias.

Simple Integration

Connect your shop in a matter of minutes.

有關 Geek‑it!

Geek-it! Description

Our app connects your store to Geek-it! Marketplace.  Our marketplace reach out to millions of pop culture, anime, and video game lifestyle fans and offer them an online exhibition hall experience by showcasing geek stores around the world. Our marketplace allows fans to browse and purchase your unique products from the comfort of their home.

Our app takes your Shopify product description, shipping info and any other information customer may need to know before purchasing on our marketplace. Once an item is bought, you will receive a fulfillment order on your Shopify store. 

Our marketplace is free: aiming to increase your sales and exposure.

Geek-it! Features

  • Allow merchants to login with Geek-It! account after installing the app.
  • Allow merchants to select the products from Shopify to post at Geek-It! marketplace.
  • Allow synchronizations of the product information to Geek-It! marketplace once merchants updated products information(such as product title, product description, media, variants, options, quantity and price) from Shopify.
  • Allow merchants receive order information after customer purchased from Geek-It! marketplace.

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5.0 5 顆星


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Geek & Co.

I've been using this app for over 1 year, and I am VERY happy with it. Great app and great support from the Geek-It team. Thanks!

Fanatically Inclined Design Co.

I've been using this app as an additional marketplace for my handmade items, support seems great and I've had some orders roilling in. Definetly worth a look!