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Modifié le 22 février 2021

I ordered 7 products and was charged for 15. I contacted customer service twice in the last two weeks and was told that it’s been escalated. UPDATE February 22nd: Gelato has gone over and beyond to help resolve this issue and has assured me that this was a one-time glitch in their system.

Wildspread Miracles
11 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 21 février 2021


First of all, this is of course not how any customer should experience Gelato.

The technical issues you experienced are due to a routing mistake. Even though this is taking time for us to resolve, we recognize that we should have refunded any additional charges the same day you reported the issue. We have now improved our customer service process based on your feedback.

Additional charges applied for your order are now refunded.

We have also reached out to you separately to assist further to turn around your experience.

Once again, we are truly sorry for this experience and I promise that we will do everything we can to rectify the situation.

Head of Customer Success

7 janvier 2022

A decent design process, native customer-side personalisation capabilities, transparent fulfilment communication. Integration with Adobe CC, plus having an inbuilt brand suite and image library would be a bonus

Bliss Logic
8 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 10 janvier 2022

Hi, thank you for your review and feedback on how to make the customer experience better. You might be happy to know that we currently offer Shutterstock images and other graphics for our Gelato+ customers. Do feel free to reach out for support or to further elaborate on your suggestions, we would love to hear them and pass your feedback on to our team. We're here 24/7! Kind regards, Adeline

23 avril 2021

I don't write many reviews but I wanted to tell this store it's great! I ordered samples from here and they are very well package with fast delivery, the print colours is amazing, I was so pleased and the quality of the products it's much better than in other POD platforms, well done!

7 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 23 avril 2021


Thank you for this great feedback.

We are energized to read your thoughts and user experience with Gelato. Look forward to supporting your business in the future.

If you would like to get some additional support for example with product expansions into new categories please let me know. We are here to support and listen.

Best regards,

Achille Mileto
Head of Customer Advocacy

Modifié le 22 mai 2022

By far the best POD business for internationally-based businesses, I wish they had more stationery options like lined notebooks, hence the four stars. Other than that, great easy to set-up tool and fast delivery. Love it!

The Key Planner
6 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 24 mai 2022

Hi! Thanks for the review and feedback - we're always looking to improve so we really appreciate it. We'll do our best to improve your experience into 5 stars. Kind regards, Kyle.

Modifié le 19 avril 2021

So I tried Gelato for apparel and had some issues at first but in the end the support was very helpful. Pradeep from the support team did his very very best to help me with all of my issues. If each supplier had such a good support life would be much easier.
Thanks a lot! Original review
Hey guys, I want to share the trouble I had with gelato. My main problem with gelato is their promise " Sell globally, produce locally". Unfortunately this promise is far from the reality. My orders took serveral weeks to be fulfilled so asked them why my prints are produced in th U.S. altough I am situated in Germany where you have printers?
Gelato: "Sometimes, we may route an order to a different producer and ship the product internationally, rather than to the location closest to your customer." So I asked if they know that this would result in unnecesarry expenses and I and my costumers have to pay high costum fees?
Gelato: "We recommend adding a disclaimer on your store informing your customer that customs fees might be due depending on where the order is shipped from." In the end Gelato costed me money and nerves. Apparently all the worst case scenarios they describe in their help center usually happen. So if you want reliable shipping times and reliable costs for your costumer I would NOT recommend to order at Gelato. Hope this helps.

6 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 15 avril 2021


First of all, I appreciate the discussion we had on the phone yesterday about your order. We have listened and are acting - you will very soon have the order delivered that was fulfilled locally in Germany - and I will keep in close contact with you as this is resolved.

We launched apparel around 8 months ago and are working to expand our clothing portfolio, as well as the number of partners in our network that are fulfilling apparel orders. Since the start of 2021, we’ve added 7 new apparel partners in addition to those that we already had live.

During 2021, you will continue to see rapid development of both our software and product offering, including more local fulfilment of apparel orders.

Thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with you, both on this order and hopefully as your fulfillment partner as you continue to grow and scale your business.

Best regards,
SVP Customer Success, Gelato

3 mars 2022

We are only using Gelato and so far we're very happy with it! The integration with Shopify is just great and every process is very quick to get your product live to the store. They have also an amazing customer service support. A minor improvement could be the template design for mugs (could be nicer). It also has a premium feature, so you can't get everything for free.

Sats Market
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 3 mars 2022

Hi, thanks for your review. We're glad you're happy with our integration and support. We'd love to learn more about what types of templates you would like to see. Gelato is free to use but we do provide some extra features to help optimize your business with Gelato+. Our support team is here 24/7 to help. Kind regards, Adeline

13 juin 2022

So for so good. Still learning how it works. It integrates with shopify well
Still working out the shipping prices. Using FREE shipping right now.

Gift Print Barn
5 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 14 juin 2022

Hi, thanks for your review. We're glad you're happy with our integration, and would love to further support you on your journey, especially around shipping prices. We've reached out directly to get this conversation started, but please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or live chat 24/7 for any help or advice. Kind regards, Kyle

Modifié le 17 mars 2021

I did initially have some issues with Gelato orders, however Achille took the time to reach out and personally correct the problem and make sure that everything was resolved. Thanks Achille.

Little Bean Box
4 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 2 février 2021


Thank you for reconsidering and updating the review.

We truly appreciate the feedback you gave us to help us improve, and we are glad that everything is now resolved.

Should you have any additional feedback you can always reach out to me personally.

Looking forward to supporting your business and growing together.


Achille Mileto
Head of Customer Advocacy

Modifié le 25 février 2021

Update 25/02/21 : so here i am updating my review of there members have sorted me and very helpful advice. to be honest i may be wrong or too quick to leave them a review like the one i have left. hope fully things will move forward and i will keep update as i go.. so far very helpful thanks 24/02/21
Dont evan try this app.i have tried them for a sample order as i was not sure what they are like. i placed my order 09/02/21 but i am still waiting. they have updated the production and shipped on one day but tracking number was not giving me nothing for weeks.still i am waiting my order. today is 24th of 02 21 . so there you are

Nelly & bros
4 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 26 février 2021


Thank you for reconsidering and updating the review.

We are in March 2021 adding 7 new partners for apparel in the EU, North America and South America. Sometimes we are forced to ship from other countries due to our partners running out of certain items.

Although cross-continent shipments are very common in the POD apparel industry, it is something that we at Gelato always want to avoid. Centralized production leads to long delivery times, expensive delivery and unnecessary pollution.

With many more apparel partners, we will now reduce the risk of cross-continental deliveries significantly. The risk of having to ship from other countries, even continents, still exists but it will now be significantly reduced.

For your specific order unfortunately this cross-continent delivery happened. The reason was that we ran out of stock in the UK and we, therefore, routed the production to one of our facilities in the US. We are sorry that this caused frustration from your side but now you know that we are working hard to secure that this risk is significantly reduced as more and more partners are joining our network.

Thank you again for being open to re-evaluating the rating. We will now work hard in order to prove to you that we deserved it.


Achille Mileto
Head of Customer Advocacy

Modifié le 15 janvier 2021

I had a lot of conversation with Gelato about a few issues, one of which was never resolved. Pros:
-Quality prints (sample test);
-Very fast service in the USA and a satisfied customer (one sale only with Gelato);
-Good communication (chat help line);
-Integration with Shopify works well. Cons:
-Prices are constantly changing;
-A price bug (big increase) which was fixed a few days later (after multiple communications);
-Problem of shipping to Canada - more than a month for delivery with Purolator - it's important to me, I am Canadian;
- Inability to integrate with Amazon. In summary, I am satisfied, but since I have Canadian and American customers, the delivery time to Canada worries me. Because of this issue, I am looking for a POD that can deliver to Canada faster. Then as I will start to sell on Amazon, the fact that it does not allow integration at the moment, is not positive.

2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Gelato a répondu 18 janvier 2021


Thank you for your review and investing time in organizing this feedback.

We recognize your frustrations and would like to bring some context and explanation - more for the future and your trust in Gelato going forward than trying to excuse ourselves for the past events.

Q4 2020 was the most difficult quarter in our history. Due to COVID-19 our supply chains were fragile and demand on delivery services and raw material led to significant price increase. We were generally helped by local production and delivered with good precision but at surcharges from all delivery suppliers. We adjusted some of our prices based upon that. Our ambition, as we move towards a more normal world, is to continue, as we always have, to provide our customers with the most competitive offer in the market.

In Canada specifically, we experienced all the challenges above and more. Weather made on-time delivery really hard. Production partners could not cope so we had to ship from the US (we are fixing this now and activating this week full production yet again in Canada. You helped us with your feedback to push for this internally in Gelato - thank you :-) )

On Amazon specifically, we actually do integrate thanks to our partnership with OrderDesk. Now, the core of your criticism is that we do not then effectively inform you and customers about that. We have worked to fix that and updated our pages on Friday, January 15th.

We have reached out to you separately to discuss and support on all of this in more detail. We will work until we have found a solution to each specific issue you have raised.

Once again, thanks for helping us become a better company!


Achille Mileto
Head of Customer Advocacy