Geldi ‑ Challenges and Rewards

Geldi ‑ Challenges and Rewards

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Gameify Sales, User Generated Content and Social Proof

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Receive User Generated Content

Use challenges to offer customers discounts for uploading media, social proofs, taking part in quizzes, and more. A marketer's dream!

Engineer Customer Activity

Reward customers for actions like visiting your social media! Associate your brand with real-world activities via task completion.

Drive Sales & Gather Metrics

Identify your most desirable products. Push stagnant stock. A new, direct, fun way to gauge and engineer client interest and collect data.

À propos de Geldi ‑ Challenges and Rewards

What is Geldi?

Geldi is a revolutionary app that allows you to create challenges for your clients and display them in your online store. Reward users with a discount when they send you user generated content and social proof. Makes sales and marketing a game!

You can challenge your customers to do all sorts of incredible things. If you run a pet store, you could challenge your customers to upload selfies with their puppies. If you're a fitness store, you can challenge customers to upload video snippets of their workout routine for sharing on your social media. If you sell science kits, you could challenge your customers to a pop quiz in return for 20% off your newest chemistry set!

With Geldi, you truly engage your clients with the gamification of the sales process.

It's Beneficial To All Involved

Geldi gives you the opportunity to drive sales for the products of your choice. It also gives your customers a fun, interesting way to earn discounts.

Moreover, with Geldi's challenges, you can interact directly with your client base and have them engage with your brand in new and memorable ways, generating social proof. In other words, Geldi allows your brand to transcend the screen. Think about that! Think about how you can truly motivate the people visiting your store!

Challenge Types

Geldi challenges are fully customizable. To create one, you set a title and a description for your challenge, and then you decide what discount you'll offer.

As a response to your challenge customers can submit content like:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Video
  • Questionnaire responses
  • Quiz responses

And you'll have access to their responses via your Geldi admin panel.

An Example or Two

Say you sell musical instruments. You can now offer your customers 10% off any item when they complete a short Questionnaire. Awesome! Your customers save some money; you make a sale. But what's more is that you can learn about and interact with your clients; you can ask your customers what products they'd like to see you list, and respond to their opinions.

How about another example? With a quiz type challenge, you can send your users on a scavenger hunt! What if you hide a secret code on your Instagram feed. If your users find it and enter the code they win 20% off your latest board game! It's a great way to promote a specific product, and to have customers take predetermined actions.

It's Free to Install

Give it a try. You won't be charged at all until you make a sale via Geldi, or until you decide to subscribe to one of our amazing monthly plans.

More Info and Quick Support

Please check out our website for more info, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We're super excited about Geldi, and look forward to seeing it transform the e-commerce and social proof space.

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Free Install

Installation gratuite

Free install with a small fee per sale via Geldi (0.50 USD)

  • Use Geldi with no risk and no upfront costs
  • Only charged when a client makes a purchase through a challenge
  • All features from Complete Plan


$10 par mois

  • Create up to two simultaneously active image or questionnaire challenges
  • Access invaluable user generated content submitted by your clients


$20 par mois

  • Everything from Basic, plus
  • Video, text and quiz challenges
  • Unlimited simultaneously active challenges
  • Require email address in challenges

* Tous les frais sont facturés en USD.
** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

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