GemPages Page Builder

GemPages Page Builder

by Seal Commerce, Inc

Much more flexible and feature rich page builder!

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West Coast Battery Store

I really love the idea and platform, however, tech support never responded to my issues. I downloaded this app because of the positive reviews regarding awesome tech support, but I got zero response. It's a real bummer because I found the app useful for what I need, but if I am going to pay $20/month, I want to know my issues will taken care in a timely manner so my store doesn't lose sales. I lost some money for sure.

Cycle Kids

I'm a web designer by trade, and beginning to use this app seemed intuitive, easy, and fast. I loved it in the beginning. Shortly after, I had started gathering issues (integrating into Shopify Homepage, Product Element blocks not showing properly, widgets not completely loading in the gem builder, inconsistent viewing, and continuous bug after bug).

This is where it stopped being intuitive and straight annoying. A web designers apps and tools are everything to them. It's how I do my job. I found I couldn't depend on GemPages to properly execute my designs or support me with my problems when I needed them to, and for this, that is their BIGGEST flaw.

That's why they have a two star rating. The interface is beautiful and the customization is endless. However, if you have deadlines and wish for support to fix your problems FIRST TIME AROUND, this app will do nothing but disappoint you.

Hilton Textiles

After leaving a positive review of 5 stars, I feel compelled to let customers know and rewrite my review after experiencing extremely negative things about this app. Overall the app does what it is supposed to do with minimal bugs. My issue was with the customer support team. I have requested multiple times for assistance regarding the design on our product page however i have been told that they are 'overloaded' with work every time i reach out to them. It has now been over two months asking them to assist with two changes to be precise and have been given empty promises every time i raise the issue, especially after mentioning how frustrating it is every time for the last 2 months. I have now hired someone to do the two implementations for me and when asked how long they took to do, he told me exactly 4 minutes. It is a real shame as i have another 6 Shopify stores that will need a page builder however after this experience i will be going for alternatives.


serieusement cest pas le top surtout pour ce quand vous faite votre page sur ordi et vous vous mettez sur portable tout change rien n'est a la meme place sinon beaucoup d'options mais galere un peu

Olivia Graham Cashmere

If you are planning a website that is international and want it to be available in various languages ie use a translation app such as langshop, then gem pages is NOT for you. As I found out today.

I have used gem pages for months, and recently uploaded the langshop app to be able to offer my website in russian etc for our overseas clients, while the menus translate, the pages created using gem pages do not.

When I contacted the gem help, this is their response...

"It's a pity that Gempages does not compatible with this app.
Currently I have been supporting many multiple languages shop
and most of theme chose to create different shopify stores for each languages and sync each other .."

So again, shopify may offer lots of apps, but you need to really make sure that the app makers are offering software that talks to each other, so ask lots of questions, I made the assumption that there was a generic understanding with apps that worked on your shopify store that they would talk and work together, and I am now paying the price for this assumption.

Folklore Surf

[Gift for team in the lunar new year holidays...]
Please, save yourself a headache and do not use this platform as it is incredibly buggy and unreliable. I have been trying to get my site fixed with them over the past 3 months and still to this day, I am having problems. My items were not listing properly on the site, but showing as sold out on their end although I had products available for sale on Shopify.

While they are prompt to reply, Chris, has failed me over and over again. His replies were always the same — "I will fix this for you know" 3 days later, I would have ask again why it wasn't done and his reply would be to remain him of what my issue was.

This software is now impacting and hurting my business, as my pages are still broken and their "promises" of fixing my site have no more value as to this moment they continue to under deliver and lie, which is the worst part of all of this. They are very unreliable.

After a lot of thought, I have decided to write this review as their word has no value on their fixing promises. I will now have to migrate from this platform onto another that is hopefully a lot more professional than this one.

I have screen-shots of my conversations with Chris as proof as well.

Save your self the trouble and do not use this platform for big sites.


Really simple tool to use and loved it. However there seems to be numerous bugs associated with it. After installation I found out that IE would not display the images on pages created with the tool. Contact Chris and he responded right away to fix the problem.

Then a week later the homepage would not save and it started disabling the main menu. Contacted Chris and did not get a response for 3 days, still have not heard anything from his team or him.

Maybe he will get in contact with me later since he likley has a life of his own that he needs to live. However, for a business owner, to have two bug issues within two weeks of installation and to not have a response back within 3 days of inquiry is highly risky.

Thank god the store is not live yet to affect the actual business. Will be uninstalling and moving on to another tool.