GemPages Page Builder

GemPages Page Builder

by Seal Commerce, Inc

Much more flexible and feature rich page builder!

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Incredible Pooches

This was a horrible experience, but after realizing most of the horror was my lack of knowledge on blogging. I should have backed up my content and I did not. I also didn't prepare for there to be an issue where i needed to and you always expect your site code to have a way to find lost files. This weird instance, was THANKFULLY resolved. I glanced at my blog section, and wow, it was all returned to me, Thank you for helping me and retreiving one of my first blog posts ever and almost a baby to me.
The other customer support members were very kind and figured out the issue without delay; I truly don't know what happened initially. I will leave my old review up as it an help others see that even when very rare things happen, Gem pages found a way, and that is all that really matters! BTW: My other pages are beautiful and from my last review, still functioning just fine.

They lost content from my pages. Didn't bother to help me understand what happened; they didn't even know what happened in their own system. Customer service will leave you on "seen" and not bother to reply or care. I spent SOLID HOURS to write each blog and need them for my business, Not only did it completely wipe out my blog; but they don't have the slightest clue why. I even checked previous themes and tried to recover it from code. Without even pressing the save button, it is wiped out of my entire history? This is not even slightly ok. Be very very careful when utilizing this app and backup everything you do even a font change! Before this, I couldn't even work on anything but new pages because it said my page was locked from an app. It 'unlocks' and the first attempt at editing an existing page causes this. The responses from customer service WHILE it says they are active AND have 'seen' your messages is STILL HOURS!!!

Btc Test Site

This is an amazing app for someone like myself who does not know how to code. I would recommend this over the other apps that Shopify offers for drag and drop. The couple things that I would update to get to a 5 star would be customer service is really good, but because they are outnumbered by the questions when you need something answered fast, sometimes you have to wait a while. Like I said the customer service is good and that is something they can fix by just adding a few people to manage the workload and also have some tutorials available for the more simple stuff. The only other thing I would suggest is making headers and foots available so you can control them in the app and not have to use the one in your Shopify template and sticky objects. Other then that it is really easy to use and if you have tried Wix and keep things consistent is not an easy thing. This app has done that for designers and gets you an amazing website with no coding necessary unless you really need something very customizable.

Orchid Den

I tried several page building apps before settling on this app. One of the main reasons for choosing this app is that I am familiar with the drag and drop concept. The app is easy to use and when I have found I needed assistance the support could not be faulted
Yes I would recommend the app to a friend.

Annalise Jewellery

Working on it. Having some teething problems we are working to resolve

Seven Elephants 2

The editor is really nice and usable, however it has plenty of bugs. Small Section can't be edited and custom templates are not stored correctly... I have lost quite some time eventually. Suport is great though


Is this app developer even active, I tried the email and it bounced back. If so, can you guys please respond and let us merchants know this product is active and being supported. I'm looking to buy an additional builder for a client shop, but not interested if responses are not answered.

I like the app, so I'm giving 4 stars to be fair, however I'm on trial so I'll wait for a response before purchasing.

Nail Swag

*NOTE: My opinions are my own. This review is given from the perspective of a designer working through with GemPages and does not reflect the opinions of the owners/companies this page builder was used for. I only give my feedback as a third-party.*

Initially, I needed a page building app that allowed for certain customizations and capabilities that enabled my client and I to test design solutions for product pages and content pages. I found GemPages and thought to give it a try as I've had experience working with in-app page builders for other platforms and I liked the offering.

Ive worked with GemPages for a few months from the initial kickoff to final launch (Roughly February - May). Full transparency, at first the system had some bugs that would show some inconsistencies and errors but after speaking with Chris and reporting the issues, he made sure to verify the issues and correct them as they were reported. He's been very friendly through the entire process and open to suggestions and feedback.

From a design perspective, I took some customization liberties for our page design that allowed for a modern but light design execution and the inapp widgets allowed me to build the design how we imagined.

All in all, after working through the initial learning curve of a new visual builder and making sure any potential bugs on my page are resolved prior to launch (things are good now), GemPages has become an app I trust for future page implementations.

I look forward to seeing the next phase of GemPages and what Chris' team has to offer - this is definitely an app worth giving a try to build and test.

Milk Baby Shop

I love this app! It is very easy to use and so intuitive. There is a few small issues but Chris has been amazing.

Exist Collective

Amazing application – kind of. The freedom this application gives you in leaps and bounds ahead of Shopify's own page editor especially when you compound it with the features of your already existing theme. HOWEVER, I was never able to reedit any of my custom pages after creating and editing them the first time. They would never load and both Safari and Chrome would practically crash when the application would try to open a page that I had previously edited with GemPage. AKA, unless you plan to make a page and never update it, be prepared to completely trash your page and remake it with any updates.