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Custom Vinyl Graphics

This app made transitioning to Shopify from Magento, much easier than I would have predicted. I may not have switched over if it weren't for how easy it was to make new pages.


Well, I was always looking for a tool similar to DIVI, and I found it. GemPages is amazing! it's easy and powerful at the same time. The customer support is really helpful especially Tina.

Checkmate Clothing Company

Overall I highly reccomend.

Extremely user-friendly, and the support is quite fast. Definitely provides a ton of value for the cost.

Inspiration Online

First of all this app is a great drag and drop. If you have absolutely NO idea what you're doing with code then go for it! This will open doors. If you know ANYTHING about code then I suggest just working on your pages yourself and saving the $30 a month.
First, the CSO I talked to recommended I use another app called GemThemes so I can customize my header as I wanted to do. This app is outside shopify but seem to be working fine (so far). The thing is that my product pages keep reverting from the page I designed on this app to the default in the theme. I lost hundreds of dollars in potential revenue due to this which is why I don't recommend getting this. Minus 1 star for that.
Second, when I contacted support regarding this, I didn't get a response for at LEAST 1 day. Minus 1 star for that. (I do disclose this was a weekend but OVER 1 day on such an important issue? You be the judge if that's justified).
Third, I made a product page to be default for ALL my products. The issue is with the swatches. You can't have any other type of swatches other than the boring text in a box ones. If you want to make say, colours for swatches, you need to make a different page for each one. I wanted to make a different image for different patterns depending on the style. Each of these images are already associated with a variant in shopify so you would think it's an easy thing to do. OF COURSE NOT! The only way to do this is to upload an image of each variant of each product that I want to use and then make each product page seperatly. I HAVE ABOUT 400 PRODUCTS AVERAGING 10 VARIANTS EACH. Do the maths on that one folks! Minus a star for that.
All this is within my 10 day trial. If things don't start shaping up I'm certainly not paying for this rubbish. I'll return to update my review to let you know if I kept it so stay turned folks.
Even after writing this review, Gempages suggested I install a swatch app (my choice of which one) and this doesn't work with them! Bye bye another star! If I was paying for this crap I would uninstall in a heartbeat. Don't even bother with this.
So even after PAYING for this. They chatted to me for a couple of hours saying they can fix the swatches but didn't. Said they would keep me updated and that was THREE OR FOUR DAYS AGO!
You're joking right!
So after taking to social media (facebook) I finally got a response. So far it has been about 4 days since the swatch issue was attempted to be fixed. I'm leaving 2 stars off because of the 2 extremely long periods between getting any response and 1 just because the swatch issue isn't fixed. They have assisted me to fix the issue of my product pages reverting to my default theme page so I have bumped it up to 2 stars instead of my original 1 star.
So after discussing the swatch issues, one of the support team gave me a creative solution to improve my product page. This didn't fix the issue but it did help my product page look better. I am told they are working on a release to fix the swatch issue and make this an app wide improvement. I was updated on this the next working day by one of the team. For this I've increase the rating a star to reflect this. However, I have had a customer ask for a refund due to selecting the wrong variant so this issue is beginning to not only affect my prospective orders but orders that have been placed. I included this as a reflection to the importance of having high performing swatches in my store and for other merchants reading this to be able to use this to consider if the same issue would affect them. If it won't, please disregard the comment.
So the tech team worked on it and made some custom code for my store to make all the "colour" options in the variants display the thumbnails. Would be great if I had the option to do this to other options such as "Stone Colour" variant options as well. I'm sure the update will make this app a must have for everyone though. Keep up the great work GemPages!

Veloic UG

I have to say that this app sometimes does not work well. Some settings can not be done sometimes. I'm missing some features that I'm used to from Elementor, but the functionality is enough to build a beautiful landing page. However, the gempage builder also has options that elementor does not offer. For example, I find it very cool that in an accordion I can not only make texts but also pictures. Another negative point is that not every element has the same options. For example, I lack the possibility to overlay images. I can do that with the HeroBanner. I would like every element to have similar settings. GemPage should look at elementor and take on more functions.
My review may sound very negative, but that's not it. GemPage has all the fundamental features I need. Due to the lower setting options, I also tend less to exaggerate.
And the service is excellent. If I have a problem, then I am always helped within a few hours. The staff are very nice and competent.


UPDATE - after I posted a negative review, a support rep named Janie came to the rescue and was able to fix the problem in 5 minutes.
If you are running into an issue, I recommend you ask for her directly in order to save time and sanity.

Spent two whole days working on a page, only to get a red "internal server error" popup when I hit the Publish button.
Contacted support thinking this would be fixed, 3 days later I feel like blowing my brains out. The whole conversation is completely absurd, it’s like talking to a prototype robot from the 80’s (except they have a korean idol as their avatar). I think I’m being pranked, it’s the only explanation that makes sense.

It doesn’t seem like they are even looking into this bug, so not only did I lose 2 days of work, I also have been losing my mind trying to properly communicate with them, only to get zero help & zero answer as to why this is happening or how to get the friggin page finally published.


Most of the time, it's hard to get help being in the States. However, if you're up late enough and can catch the team (different time zones), then they're really incredible with support. REALLY incredible. Ann + Janie have been awesome!


fast service and help from support, great app. Only thing i dont like is how sometimes images or things are not on the same height but they say they are, could be me idk

The Animation Library

Gempages has been a huge help during the development of our webshop. All the basic things you need to style a webshop are in the app. And if you need specialised elements, you can always use the liquid elements and write your own code. The support is great. The are super friendly and always answer you questions. The only minor issue I've had was that because of the time difference (I'm working in Europe) it sometimes took a while before I received an answer.


Good service but have experienced page building problems in the trial period. Issues have now been sorted thanks to support team.

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