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3. April 2020

I used this app to customize my shopify pages and collections. I like the features, the ease of use and the price. Unfortunately I have found that documentation on app features is very limited and the tech support takes too long to respond and then the response is not complete and requires several back and forth communications to get the answers that I need. I pay for the pro version which says it includes quick response. Since I haven't experienced this I requested information about getting a quicker response if I upgrade to the highest plan and still have not heard back.

Our Boat House
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22. März 2020

I love this app but for some reason my themes be messing up every time i switch from desktop to phone and its really annoying please fix it asap

Royalty Mobile
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So lange wurde die App verwendet: Etwa 2 monate
8. Februar 2020

5 stars for a good builder but -2 stars for poor customer relations.

Good app, but seems to be under new management and the new management is not very accommodating. I signed up last year and liked the app. But then when doing some construction on the site recently, the app was inadvertently deleted. Well, turns out they have increased pricing since I installed it before and they are not willing to honour the price I was previously paying. Yes, my bad for deleting the app. But also their bad for trying to squeeze me for more money instead of keeping a happy customer happy. So, I am moving to a different builder as I am not eager to work with this team any more since they are not eager to work with me.

So lange wurde die App verwendet: 5 monate
Bearbeitet am 30. Januar 2020

The support is quite slow.. hopefully the support line can respond to your issues faster. Can be very confusing to set up as there is much tutorials

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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 3 monate
Bearbeitet am 18. September 2019

The app does have a lot of nice design features, but also has its significant drawbacks. For one, it's quiet hard and complicated to use, and designing pages (or even just sections) with it can be a tiring and draining experience that takes much of your time. In addition, when you try to edit an existing subpage with the app, all the existing content of the page gets completely messed up, and at least in my experience, the features I tried to add (in existing subpages) didn't even work properly.

I'm currently using the app as a temporary solution until I get a new theme, to complete a lot of things that are missing in my current free, sucky theme. I only used to build the home page. This app is, indeed, good as a specific or a short-term solution for a feature that's missing in your theme, but I don't recommend using it as a long-term solution or build your entire store with it.

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28. August 2019

Love the app but support is not as advertised. They clam a 20min response and "instant" on the advanced plan but neither pan out. Waiting 3+ hrs just for install help across multiple domains.

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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 2 monate
19. März 2019

I have had some problems with the editor of Gempages that did not work very well on my Lenovo computer. However I did experience great customer service that wanted to help me out with my problems, so that is definitely a plus.

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12. Juli 2018

The page builder is great, but the blog builder still needs work and customer service has been very slow in fixing the issues with the way my blogs are appearing on my website. Disappointing, because I really enjoyed using the app for my landing pages.

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So lange wurde die App verwendet: 8 monate
21. März 2018

Janie was the only helpful person. Spoke with Chris and he gave me the wrong information which wasted my time.

There seems to be a HUGE time difference because I have been up for 2 nights talking to the support staff on the changes that needed to be made. Staff doesn't get back to you until 11pm my time.

Thankfully Janie figured out my issues and completed what I needed to have done. Without her, I would have demanded for a refund.

Alex Skeffington
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 5 monate
31. Januar 2018

I like the app for its functionality. I faced a lot of issues with the use of the app which caused a lot of down time on my website. While Chris could do with a stronger support team, he did not hesitate to jump in and navigated the entire solution with me. I appreciated that a lot.

Brown Bag Wines
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