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30. August 2023

Horrible customer support. Once you get them on, they are helpful but it takes DAYS to get anyone to reply. I work with website builders all the time and gempages have so many issues. The platform is super unreliable and makes changes itself. This is why you need constant help from the support who are impossible to reach.

So unfortunate since the builder is very promising but any moment your live page can randomly change and stop working and thats just not realistic for a business.

Ive never had such an unreliable experience with any softwares or platforms. I really dont understand where all the 5 star reviews are coming from.

26 tage mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 5. September 2023

Hi Disainify,

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with our customer support and the issues you've encountered while using GemPages. We truly value your feedback and understand your frustration.

We want you to know that we've taken your concerns seriously and are actively working to address the issues you've raised. Our team is dedicated to improving the reliability of our platform and ensuring that such random changes and disruptions do not occur in the future.

We also acknowledge that our response time has been slower than ideal due to our current staffing situation, and for that, we are truly sorry. We are actively working to increase our support capacity to provide quicker assistance to our valued customers like you.

We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time, and we encourage you to reach out to us again if you encounter any further issues. Your feedback helps us make GemPages a better tool for businesses, and we're committed to ensuring your experience improves.
Thank you for choosing GemPages, and we look forward to serving you better in the future.

Warm regards,
GemPages Support Team

15. Juli 2023

After Installing I read came across the below text, that pretty much means if you don't pay every month for the life of your store you will have to revert to pre GemPages, there is a long complex coding process you have to dig through to successfully remove it, when I assume your here because you cant code (Feels Very deliberate)

"Uninstalling GemPages may lead to your live pages not working properly. Some of the main reasons are missing CSS & JS files, theme changes, or core script updates from the GemPages server. If you want to revert your pages back to the original template from your Shopify theme, follow our instructions for homepages and product pages."

I Jumped across to there competitors who have no problems keeping your page functional after canceling membership.

Tokyo BeauX
5 tage mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 16. Juli 2023

Hello Tokyo BeauX,

Thank you for your feedback regarding your experience with GemPages. We would like to sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred. We truly value your satisfaction and want to assure you that we care about your experience.

With GemPages, the benefit of Free plan and Paid plan is always guaranteed to make our customers able to experience the best way possible. We never force our customers to upgrade to Paid plans to be able to use our amazing features.
We understand that there may have been some confusion regarding the uninstallation process and its impact on your pages. Our intention was to provide clear instructions to ensure a smooth transition. We apologize if this was not effectively communicated.

We genuinely appreciate your business and would be more than happy to assist you further so that you can experience our product again. And if there are any challenges or difficulties you encountered while using GemPages, we are here to help resolve them. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring your success with our page builder.

We would love the opportunity to showcase the amazing features and potential that GemPages has to offer. Our Customer Success Manager has personally reached out to you to offer the assistance also.
Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to addressing any concerns you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us, and we will be glad to have you again.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to the possibility of helping you experience the full potential of GemPages once again.

Auri | GemPages Customer Success Manager

9. Oktober 2022

Zero stars if I could. I installed this and found it didn't provide me the functionality I was looking for so I uninstalled it. Some of the code is still on my site though, so I messaged them about it and got instructions on how to delete it, but they weren't helpful. I haven't been able to get a response out of them since. Now I'm stuck with their code on my site and can't do other things because of it. Arg! Try this on a copy of your site first!!!! There is no support!

2 tage mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 9. Oktober 2022

Good day to you!

First of all, we are sorry that GemPages could not provide a page-building experience that suits your needs. We totally understand that you need to remove all remaining codes from your website and we would love to assist you with that!

As per checking, we found multiple existing conversations and mail loops from you regarding this matter. We have responded to them and provided instructions but it looks like our replies could not reach you.

Therefore, we have again opened new support tickets for you via email and In-app Conversations. Would you mind accessing your GemPages Dashboard or checking your email inbox to get back in touch with us? This time, kindly double-check your Spam Box as well.

We will be waiting for your response!

The GemPages Team.

Bearbeitet am 16. August 2023

Do NOT install this app! I uninstalled it because it constantly didn't work. The buggyness was impossible. I spent more time trying to fix issues than anything else, and now on top of everything, even though I have installed it, Gempages continue to bill me. Shopify won't do anything, as it is 'a developer issue' and my emails to this company just get ignored. If you install this app and then don't want it (which you won't because it doesn't work properly, you will be paying for it forever. Be warned.

Beau and Benji
Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 18. August 2023

Dear Kelly,

We appreciate your previous positive experience with GemPages and deeply regret any frustration you've encountered recently. We're actively addressing the technical issues you've faced to enhance our platform's performance for all users.

Regarding the refund, we apologize for any confusion. We did send instructions via email, and we're committed to resolving this promptly.

Your feedback is invaluable, and we're working to improve our communication processes to better serve you.

Please refer to our previous email for refund instructions or contact our Customer Support directly.

Your satisfaction matters greatly, and we're dedicated to making this right.

GemPages Customer Support Team

23. März 2023

I am experiencing considerable frustration as I attempt to update my Impulse theme to version 7.2.0, only to find that the Gempages becomes wonky And will not display the page in the process. This issue is particularly concerning as I rely on it to operate the landing page for my subscription box service.

Unfortunately, after receiving an initial response from support, I provided the requested information but have not received any further correspondence. It has now been three weeks without a resolution or response, which is simply unacceptable.

For reference, my support conversation ID is 55544600619044, and my contact at support is Hugh. I granted Collaborator access as requested on March 10th, but despite my efforts to follow up every 2-3 days, I have not received any additional communication.

While I am generally averse to leaving negative reviews or publicly calling out a company, I find myself uncertain about the appropriate course of action to take next in order to resolve this issue.

Wicked Good Perfume
Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 4 jahre mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 23. März 2023

Hi Cheri!

We offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused to you due to the recent support experience. We recognize that our service team did not meet their objective of achieving 100% customer satisfaction in this case, and we are aware of the frustration and stress this situation may have caused. For this reason, we have prioritized your case and our team will be in touch with you shortly to resolve the issue.

We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your patience!

GemPages Team

Bearbeitet am 29. September 2023

Much better than the Shopify native page editor, but the amount of bugs in the app has extensively added to the amount of time I needed to use it effectively. Although the functionality when working properly is quite robust, the bugs make it extremely frustrating to use effectively, not to mention the amount of time it takes fixing things that shouldn't need a work around.

2 monate mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 13. Juni 2023

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your valuable feedback.

We are truly sorry that GemPages might not meet your expectations. We take great pride in our work, and our hope is always that our app would help each e-Commerce merchant accomplish their goals. Clearly this was not your experience, and we apologize.
To make this matter right, our support team has reached out to you via chat channel to identify the root causes of any bugs you encountered and the most optimal solutions to resolve them.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to let us know, we are always here to help.

Thank you!
Thomas | Customer Success Manager

26. August 2023

These guys charged me for 13 months of 29.99 charges of this app after my store closed and I paused Shopify. I didn't ever uninstall it, I thought it was paused. I literally asked them in several emails to reconsider, refund only half, etc and they wouldn't budge, blaming me, their customer for not uninstalling the app.

They would only refund one month citing "fairness to all" in the refund policy".

So I logged back in and left this review. Beware

Lincoln Street Farm
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 2 jahre mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 27. August 2023

Hi Nico,

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience you've faced and appreciate your feedback. We understand your frustration regarding the unexpected charges while your store was paused but the app wasn’t uninstalled.

Our refund policy aims to be fair and transparent to all users while encouraging proactive management of subscriptions. Although we couldn't provide a full 13-month refund, we offered a one-month refund in goodwill, recognizing our shared desire for resolution.

Please know that we never intended to blame you. Your review helps us improve our communication and policies. If you have further concerns, please reach out directly.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope to regain your trust and provide a better experience in the future.

Warm regards,
GemPages Support Team

12. Mai 2023

the app slow down the website performance, and the worst thing is the the support team, firstly, they reply late, at this moment of this message, they didn't replied to message sent 3 days ago.... all thing is bad, nothing good.
if i was able to rate you with no stars i would do it.

very bad !!

2 monate mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 14. Mai 2023

Hi Ilias,

On behalf of the GemPages team, I would like to send the sincerest apologies for the experience you have been through. At GemPages, support quality is always our top priority, and we always strive to deliver the best services possible.

As for the delay you experienced in the last couple of days, this was due to our major company activities which were conducted from May 11 to May 13, 2023. During this time period, users might experience delays and the limited availability of our support agents on both live chat and email channels. This was also announced to all users via GemPages dashboard beforehand. Please refer to this screenshot for more details:
Nonetheless, please rest assured that your ticket has been fully attended and put on high priority by our support team. We will make sure that all of your concerns will be resolved in no time.

Thomas | GemPages Customer Success Team

18. Dezember 2022

The recent change in pricing is pure crap. I will make sure to never use gempages for new stores ever again. For 29 a month they only allow you to publish 10 pages. This is a very subtle move from your side. Always been a fan and very happy about gempages but this 10 page crap is lame as fuck

Aloi Candles
Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 19. Dezember 2022

Hi Emil,

Thank you for sharing your concern with us. We totally understand how the recent change in pricing may have affected our longtime users. We truly hope for your kind understanding that this change helps us to form our users' focus groups precisely and ultimately improve our users' experience based on demand.

We appreciate your valuable feedback and will continue to improve our service quality. Please be rest assured that we will still keep on delivering top-quality technical assistance to you and our user base. Therefore, we are still looking forward to having you with us in the future!

James | Customer Success Manager
GemPages Page Builder

21. September 2023

Honestly since I've installed this app my domain stopped working. A lot of bugs and the customer service is terrible. 0 in depth explanation on how to fix it or how to set up Gempages up from A to Z. Extremely disappointed, which is very surprising considering the fact they got 4.9 stars.

9 tage mit der App
GemPages hat geantwortet 24. September 2023

Dear Shay,

We're genuinely sorry to hear about your recent experience, and we apologize for any inconvenience you've faced. We understand that encountering difficulties with your domain can be frustrating. Please note that domain-related issues often fall outside our product's scope, but we did our best to guide you through it.

GemPages can indeed have a learning curve, especially for those new to it, and we appreciate your patience as you navigate its features. Our support team is here to assist you every step of the way, and we're continuously working to improve our product to provide you with a smoother experience.

We hope you'll give GemPages another chance, and we're committed to helping you achieve your goals. Thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to assisting you further.

Best regards,
The GemPages Support Team