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GemPages Landing Page Builder , 3 815 vurderinger

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7. april 2020

I love Gem Page, it's a perfect app to build a beautiful store to make more sales.
It's not very expensive and it's good to stand out from the competition.

4 dager bruker appen
21. oktober 2020

The worst and most insincere customer support I've ever had with any apps on Shopify. They do NOT solve your problems, they do not respond for important billing issues, and other issues. Deleted this app and moved to PageFly Builder. Much better support there. Gem Pages support neglects their paying customers. They should be ashamed. Horrible.

Alpha Shaver™
4 måneder bruker appen
GemPages svarte 8. desember 2020

I'm very sorry to hear you had such a negative experience. To clarify, Shopify controls billing for all apps in the app store, we didn't process the app charge.

However, we have intenal process for refund and will be glad to adress a refund promptly Shopify directly.

I have the case again with Ken ( who has been handling this case) and looks like that he had sent follow-up emails with instruction however, they weren't received by somehow.

Our agent had contacted Shopify Advisor to process the refund with assistance of Shopify billing team.

Your feedback has prompted a few things for us to improve: (1) We are QA-ing our support process, looking for things like better internal following-up system (2) We are considering to open phone call support service.

Long winded response, but want you to know that you are heard.

Thank you again! Best of luck in the future!

James | Customer Success Manager

16. november 2022

Petits problèmes de compatibilité avec le thème shopify, mais support client réactif et efficace ! Permet de construire de belles pages de vente.

3 måneder bruker appen
GemPages svarte 18. november 2022

Thank you so much for this great 5-star review! We really appreciate your help in spreading the word about GemPages. It means a lot to us.

23. september 2018

I used Gempages Page Builder since i was a Shopify newbie til now when i have experience.
Shopify default page and even some expensive theme like Booster or Turbo cannot fulfill all of my desire. I tried GemPages to adjust and optimize my stores and this app & support team never let me down.
Good speed, good customer service (i doubt that GemPages even hired a professional developer spending all day to chat with sellers.) and continuous upgrade time to time.
Highly recommend for both new and experienced shopify sellers.

Sirenie Direct
4 dager bruker appen
15. mai 2020

Friendly customer support, amazing templates and functionality, fast pages, and a great pricing model.

De forente arabiske emirater
4 dager bruker appen
28. juli 2020

Really pretty great app overall. I've tried all the major page builders. It saved me loads of money I would have spent hiring a programmer. It might take a little bit of time to learn the ropes, but not much, it's intuitive. You don't need coding experience. Doesn't hurt though to understand basic CSS/HTML. I was really pleased once I got up to speed with this app. It can do pretty much any basic edits and styling you want. Only problem I found was it can be a little glitchy. You can find ways around it.

Lono Light
3 måneder bruker appen
9. desember 2017

GAME CHANGER. With zero coding skills, you can make the site of your dreams PLUS you'll never waste money on am overpriced template again now that you can do exactly what you want and create the perfect look and feel.

This is an amazing app. If you are looking to build your own pages and have the freedom to plug in cool blocks of either pre designed sections or sections of your own design, this is the perfect app.

I tried shogun and have looked at similar apps for years and haven't had anywhere near as much success in terms of flexibility and successful non-frustrating outcome. I'm almost embarrassed to say how many hours I have spent struggling with java scripts and css to accomplish what this does in seconds with a simple drag and drop functionality.

Plus, the best customer service I have ever had for tech support or maybe fore anything ... Middle of the night instant chat responses?! What?!!

Really redefines the level of flexibility you can achieve on your site when all you have is an aesthetic vision but minimal tech skills. Outstanding.

Grace Lace Wigs
3 dager bruker appen
7. august 2020

Es una aplicación muy accesible, muy fácil de usar, ideal para iniciados! Voy a utilizarla por mucho tiempo!

3 måneder bruker appen
17. januar 2018

Excellent App with excellent support! We wouldn't have been able to achieve the look we wanted without both.

3 dager bruker appen
Redigert 30. januar 2020

The support is quite slow.. hopefully the support line can respond to your issues faster. Can be very confusing to set up as there is much tutorials

3 måneder bruker appen