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Bewerkt 10 november 2020

This app uses works fine. But now is just chaos.
It is overwriting the code, buttons become double, etc...
Since our customers started to write on social media about all the mistakes this app is causing and it started to damage our image against our customers we decided to delete this app.
I would not advise using this app.
Their customer service became very poor, they just send you articles to read but are not there to resolve the problem. Really sad.

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GemPages heeft geantwoord 8 december 2020

Hi Marcos,

Sorry to hear that you had issues with the use of our product.

I have checked this case again and it appeared that the issue was happened after you added incorrect codes to the editor.
Our technical staff has isolated the codes, and this is now fixed.

Again, we apologise for the inconvenience, and your feedback about the customer service is appreciated.
Perhaps we could have communicated this more clearly.

Thank you again!

James | Customer Success Manager

8 februari 2022

Once installed and tried (a payed plan) you can't cancel the plan without completely removing the app. Really a pain in the ass to just try it for one or two months in this way. Can't advise anyone to use it.

Vicius Europe
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GemPages heeft geantwoord 8 februari 2022

Hi Rick,

Thank you for letting us know about the issue you’ve encountered.

However, it’s under Shopify policy that we need to remove the app to cancel the current subscription. Kindly check out the link below in the caution section for reference.

Meanwhile, we’ve contacted you via email for further assistance on how to overcome that.

James | Customer Success Manager

Bewerkt 24 februari 2020

2 years of using my site wiped clean, gem pages was not able to help me put my pages back in place.

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7 april 2023

Discovered today that GemPages do not support Shopify's native translation system, as the pages are hardcoded into the theme's templates. Amazing. And offering a 15% discount on Weglot does not compensate for this. We just got rid of Weglot precisely because it's very expensive, and GemPages locks us in.

YAY Paris
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GemPages heeft geantwoord 7 april 2023

Dear Julie,

We really appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback, and we understand your frustration when our product does not satisfy your expectations. We take all user input seriously and are working hard to make continual improvements.

In light of this, we will be developing plans to integrate as many third-party applications with GemPages as possible. In the meantime, please expect a reply from our support team for further help.

Thomas | GemPages Customer Success Team

11 augustus 2022

Never in my life have I worked with an app with SO MANY BUGS! Texts come out of nowhere, if you undo a tiny change, it undoes the work of an entire day and if you try to pess CTRL+Y it doesn't work. Links don't work, if you edit the code (correctly) it won't let you adjust the font-sizes (WTF?!). I am spending more time with the assistance than building the pages. Going back soon to Pagefly

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GemPages heeft geantwoord 11 augustus 2022

Hi Matteo,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback! Please accept my apologies for the recent frustration you've experienced.

I have checked the issues and it appears that the issues happened when we had some unusual theme codes and it affected to our store design. Mona & our technical staff has added the scripts, and this is now fixed very quickly, could you please help us check and let us know how it goes?

Again, your satisfaction is invaluable to us and we set a high standard for ourselves. In this instance, we clearly dropped the ball and we are certainly disappointed to hear that we did not meet the mark, but going forward will ensure this does not repeat itself. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments. Feel free to reach us via email at or live chat.

Thank you again!

James | Customer Success Manager
GemPages Page Builder

21 april 2021

Been using it for a couple of months now and I would be more advanced then most in page building and I must say the amount of bugs on this app is mind-blowing, so much that you would be constantly in contact with customer service and its a shame because its very user friendly but very broken, don't waste your money

Tummy Tone™
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GemPages heeft geantwoord 21 april 2021

Hi there,

Thank you a lot for taking your time to share your experience on the app and services.

I have noted down carefully the glitches that you have encountered and marked them as high priorities.

And I believe the issues will not happen again after the next updates.

If there is anything else I help with further, don't hesitate to let me know.

All the best,
GemPages Customer Success Manager

16 oktober 2020

Support is absolutely terrible. Slow responses, nothing ever gets resolved. When they do work on it, they can't read instructions or simple urls and burn a day through a lack of attention to detail. Lots of headaches if you are picking up this app.

My Custom Portraits
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Bewerkt 17 juli 2020

ENORMEMENT de bugs, une correction automatique aléatoire,espaces non voulus,20euros c'est très cher!

L'Atelier du Ferment
12 maanden gebruiken de app
14 december 2019

The app was great, but once I no longer needed it they continued to charge me for months after the uninstall.

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Bewerkt 25 april 2021

it sucks so much.....I used to like it but now I regret using it. Customer services used to respond very fast but now they are always offline....
the main issue with gem pages is that your live page will not look the same with the page you edited. the spacing, the size...image spending a whole day making the website look good just to find out it all looks messed up on your phone and no matter what you do, it does not change. No one is responding. So you have to turn off your ads, Frustrating. Beyond disappointing. Recommend you just stick to a paid theme. Gem pages makes your page loading speed slow too.
GUYS, this app has too many glitches. IF you don't want to waste hours of your time just to have stuff not working as the way you set it up, it is depressing.

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9 maanden gebruiken de app
GemPages heeft geantwoord 20 maart 2021

Hi Akiral,

Thank you so much for sharing with us your thoughts on the app and services.

Firstly, I'm so sorry to hear about the incident with your online store as it has affected its normal functions.

However, I'm really happy to know that the issue has been fixed as it's involved with the incompatibility with the added code from Canva.

Regarding the time support, our management team is recruiting more team members from different locations over the world then you'll receive more timely and responsive support shortly.

If you need further assistance from us, don't hesitate to get back to us then we'll figure it out together.

All the best,
GemPages Customer Success Manager