Unicorn Geo‑Blocker

Unicorn Geo‑Blocker

da Unicorn Global

Prevent unwanted countries from accessing your store

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Easily select the countries you want to block or prevent from viewing your site.


Unique Anti-Spoofing Technology adds a layer of protection to ensure visitors cannot circumvent the block.


Protects your Store from unwanted visitors, saving time, energy and money.

Sobre Unicorn Geo‑Blocker

Geo-Blocker by Unicorn Global

Stop wasting time and money on fraudulent transactions, expensive chargebacks, shipping headaches and support hassles. Prevent visitors from countries where your products are not allowed to be sold from viewing your store. Select the countries that you want to restrict with our easy, lightweight blocking system and save yourself the trouble!

If you offer vape, tobacco or cannabis related items you should only allow visitors from countries that permit the sale and consumption of these products. If your store offers alcoholic beverages, you should be blocking countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. If you sell adult products, you should be blocking countries like Maldives and the UAE. Block countries you do not ship to and countries you may have experienced fraudulent transactions from previously.

Protect yourself, your business, and your reputation with the most lightweight and easiest to use location blocking system.

Unique Instant Loading Technique

Our Geo-Blocker adds less than 300 bytes to your store and uses no 3rd party code which means it loads instantly. This app will not slow down your store or make your legitimate visitors wait for their verification to happen.

Quick Setup

Simply add the countries you wish to block through the user friendly interface and it's done. Set and forget - location blocking has never been easier.

Easy To Configure

No complicated rules or messing around with things like IP addresses or ISO codes - we handle that all for you.

Powerful Anti-Spoofing Technology

Our technology adds an additional layer of protection and ensures that visitors cannot fake their location using classic evasion techniques like HTTP Header spoofing or Inspect Element.

Complies With Web Standards

When a visitor gets blocked they receive the expected HTTP error codes. This ensures that you do not negatively impact your SEO rating or waste precious advertising budget on visitors from blocked countries.


  • Super Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Elegant Design
  • Responsive
  • One Click Install
  • Easy to Disable
  • Anti-Spoofing Technology
  • Supports All Countries
  • No Bloated Frameworks
  • Secure
  • Compliant
  • Works with ALL Themes
  • No Coding Required
  • Free Support

About Us

Unicorn Global is a professional software development company offering creative and unique services - you can rest easy knowing that there is a dedicated team available to resolve any issues you may experience with the app.

Our team always wants to hear from you, so let us know your feedback! It helps us focus on the thing we care about most: the users experience

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Outstanding support and really nice app for geoblocking! i would gave 10 stars, really recommend to buy this app!

Mar Bras

I had probelm and they resolve fast for me its great app , I was very happy to find unicorn , help me alot , thank you guys


Look no further and go with this app. This app performs really well. You can easily block unwanted countries in less than a minute. THE BEST PART -> Darryn even developed a custom function for free. If you are in doubt contact the developer for help. He usually responds in a day.