GeoIP Redirection

GeoIP Redirection


GeoIP redirection without the headache.


Instant Country Redirection

GeoIP Redirection enables you to redirect visitors instantly based on their GeoIP. Redirect to different stores, locales, or currencies.

Redirect to different currency

Don't lose any visitors to the wrong currency. Now you can use GeoIP Redirect to redirect to checkout in 15+ currencies. Plain and simple.

Redirect to different language

If you support more than one language and you need to redirect users to the correct language, GeoIP Redirect will help you.

有關 GeoIP Redirection

Take full control of your store's redirections.

GeoIP Redirection is an app aiming to make GeoIP based redirection as easy as possible.

About GeoIP Redirection

  • GeoIP Redirection will allow merchants to add redirections based on a visitors location. A visitor can be redirected to a specific currency or language instantly upon arrival to your website.

Who is this app for?

GeoIP Redirection is for merchants who would like to increase their checkout rates by displaying the prices in the visitors currency. Studies show that diplaying the prices in the visitors currency and also language tends to increase checkout rates. GeoIP Redirection app aims to solve that problem.

Now you can:

  • Define redirection to specific currency based on the visitors GeoIP.
  • Define redirection to specific language based on the visitors GeoIP.

Some usage examples include:

  • Multi-store merchants can redirect to the correct store with GeoIP Redirection.
  • Multi-language merchants can redirect to the correct language with GeoIP Redirection.
  • Multi-currency merchants can redirect to the correct currency with GeoIP Redirection.

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