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25. Oktober 2021

What is it in console ? Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'DOMWindow': The target origin provided ('') does not match the recipient window's origin ('https://*******').

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Shopify hat geantwortet 3. Dezember 2021

Hi there, thanks for sending this through - we have fixed this issue and you should no longer see it happening.

20. Oktober 2021

How do we use Shopify's native multi-currency solution so customers can check out in their local currency?

K Everyday
Vereinigte Staaten
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Shopify hat geantwortet 21. Oktober 2021

Hi there, please follow these steps:

11. Oktober 2021

For some reason, the popup doesn't appear on my site, is there a way i can fix this issue? Or can you help me with that?

La Miséto
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Shopify hat geantwortet 12. Oktober 2021

The app will only provide a pop up recommendation when a customer is visiting from another country that you have enabled in your payments settings. If you are visiting from your home country, there is nothing to recommend since you are in the default location. When I browse from the United States for example, the pop up is working as expected:

Bearbeitet am 6. Oktober 2021

1/ The language button locates at the bottom is hard to discover, not user friendly. Please provide options of location, otherwise move it to the top near search button as most websites do.
2/ The pop up recommendation box is A/ does not make sense. non-english speakers will not understand the recommendation box instruction when first enter the website, if it is set to English. Vice versa, english speakers do not understand the instruction if set to non-english. Why not just display language options (write in their own language) for visitors to chose, simple and straight forward. B/ too big. please provide size options to match the website style. 3/ regarding the problem of pt 1, you may add a remark at the pop up box to tell customer there is a language option box at the footer so they can switch to other language whenever they need.

Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
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Shopify hat geantwortet 6. Oktober 2021

Thanks for your feedback! Firstly, recommendations appear in the visitors preferred language. E.g. if your site defaults to English but has German as an option, a native German speaker will see the recommendation to switch languages in German as well.

Secondly, your feedback around position of the selectors is valid. Because this app does not change your theme code, we are limited where we can place the selectors. We would suggest customizing your own selectors with the help of an expert to put them in the header:

28. September 2021

Wrong conversion in my shop
CAD to USD is wrong. when I change options in a sku the conversion changes as well

AB Crystal Collection
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Shopify hat geantwortet 29. September 2021

Hi there! I am looking at your products and I cannot see anything amiss with your prices. For example, your Personalized keychain ( is $29.99USD. The exchange rate to CAD is 1.294727, and your prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar. 29.99 * 1.294727 = $38.83, which is $39CAD after rounding. This is the CAD price on your website. If we can help you please don't hesitate t reach out! We appreciate your reviews and feedback.

25. September 2021

Would be great if you could make the text customisable on the pop up so we can personalise it. I am looking for alternatives as it's very abrupt & doesn't suit my store.

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Shopify hat geantwortet 29. September 2021

Thanks so much for your feedback. We will be looking at ways we can improve this in the future.

17. August 2021

I would like to be able to customise the text in the popup, also it always opens in a new tab which I would like to not do

Jack Knightley
Vereinigtes Königreich
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12. Juli 2021

I just installed the app. The app does not show all shipping countries from the shop. How do I proceed?

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Shopify hat geantwortet 20. Juli 2021

Hi there - please ensure you have all your shipping countries enabled in payments settings under countries/regions as well. We are making improvements to this area so you do not have to set this twice.

6. Juli 2021

It's not showing all the countries that I sell to, it's missing a number of them. Can you help? Not sure how to get technical support with this app??

The Needle Store
Vereinigtes Königreich
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Shopify hat geantwortet 20. Juli 2021

Hi there, the app displays all the countries/currencies that you have enabled in your payments settings under Shopify Payments. Please ensure they are all enabled there.

23. Juni 2021

I used preview but tell how this load on front end currently this app not loaded . tell me in detail about it

SugarCane Jeans
Vereinigtes Königreich
So lange wurde die App verwendet: 23 minuten
Shopify hat geantwortet 29. Juni 2021

Hi there, could you please expand upon your question? We'd love to help you if you can explain exactly what is going wrong!