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4 de marzo de 2020

i changed my browsers default language to french, to test it. Also used a VPN. After clicking to translate, it did nothing. Also the currency dosen't change. I'm using debute theme, it might be limited. I don't know. But now i have to quickly switch back to old methods unfortunatley.
It is a pleasure to see shopify actually develop something for their customers that is useful and free and should've been implemented a long time ago. It's such a simple thing, langue translation and currency change.

Please look into this :)

Reino Unido
28 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 4 de marzo de 2020


The Geolocation app only shows currency recommendations if you are already selling in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments. To display your store's content in another language, you need to enable multiple languages. The Geolocation app doesn't translate your store's content, but instead helps your visitors view the languages you've already translated.

To learn more about selling in multiple currencies and languages, check out these guides:

— Geolocation team

11 de junio de 2023

The app is not working as expected, i tried switch locations to test whether it changes/translates the text or but for some strange reason it doesn't and it seems to be using the same currency for different regions.

At the end I uninstalled the app but the locations stills show up after uninstalling the app. what should i do to have it removed

28 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 12 de junio de 2023

Unfortunately because you are not using Shopify Payments, you can only sell in one currency - this is why your currencies are not changing. The app also does not automatically translate your content for you. For this you should use something like Translate and Adapt:

The selectors you current have are not coming from the Geolocation app, but another app you have installed called "BUCKS currency converter Pro++"

23 de abril de 2021

I get that shopify payments is not for all countries, but please don't base this app on that. I couldn't even try it

23 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 26 de abril de 2021

Hi there, Geolocation leverages the multi currency option within Shopify Payments to recommend different currencies to buyers, and allow them to checkout in those currencies. Unfortunately without Shopify Payments, your buyers can only checkout in your store's base currency. We are expanding its availability as fast as we can!

Fecha de modificación: 1 de julio de 2020


21 minutos usando la aplicación
19 de mayo de 2021

not working well. language drop down didnt appear in footer, only coutries. I dont recommend anyone.

Diana's Lingerie
16 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 25 de mayo de 2021

Hi there! That's correct - since each of your domains only have one default language, the app recommends to your customers that they switch their country, which also changes your domain and language as well. This is a superior experience to switching language only, in case you change any content/pricing for different countries as well. It also means that your customers only have to choose one selection, not country/currency and language as well. If you'd like further help setting up the app, please let us know!

20 de noviembre de 2020

Easy to install and would be nice to have. 1 Star because i cannot use it. It is messing up all product translations. Many products have titles and descriptions from other products. Sorry maybe in feture this will be fixed. Will give it a try in feature

Il mondo di Wit
14 minutos usando la aplicación
8 de abril de 2021

App does not work at all after installation. All functionalities were grey out as it is reflected on many reviews.

Old Country Jerky
Estados Unidos
12 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 8 de abril de 2021

Hi there, we can see that you do not have any additional currencies enabled in your Shopify Payments settings, so Geolocation cannot enable switching between anything, which is why the options are greyed out with instructions to enable currencies. If you have any questions please get in touch and we'd be happy to help!

20 de agosto de 2022

tentei usar mas não faz configurações, não ativa a personalisação para adicionar paises. as orientações são confusas e incompletas.

10 minutos usando la aplicación
3 de enero de 2021

I installed this app into my store then went to my website. I only saw 2-3 words translated. I am not sure how that is supposed to help. I quickly uninstalled this app.

Estados Unidos
8 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 4 de enero de 2021

Hi there, thanks for your review. The Geolocation app does not translate your content for you, but helps buyers switch between different languages you have made available on your site. To get started selling in multiple languages, take a look here (, and then use the Geolocation app to make recommendations once you have published additional languages!

29 de enero de 2021

Doesn't work, asked to add store location and currency, though there was nowhere to do so, i guess I'll find another app....

7 minutos usando la aplicación
Shopify respondió 29 de enero de 2021

Hi there! Sorry the setup was not as you expected. Geolocation uses the currencies and languages you have setup in Shopify to offer recommendations to your buyers. This ensures a consistent experience from your storefront all the way through to checkout.

You can offer currencies under Settings --> Payments, and then click "Manage" next to Shopify Payments. Languages are in Settings --> Languages. Once you have set these up, Geolocation will leverage them automatically.