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6 juni 2023

The application does not work correctly. It does not change the language according to the country in which the user is located. Also, it does not change the language of the store, always the default language works.

Nomad Chic
Bewerkt 28 mei 2023

I have uninstalled the app because it wasn't working as expected and ask them through Shopify Support to remove any remaining code on my store but they keep ignoring my messages.

Thank you for removing every snippet code on my store.

Lezze Design
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 1 juni 2023

Hi there, sorry to hear about this. The Geolocation app does not actually add any code to your store.

27 mei 2023

The conversion between currencies seems to be based on the main currency of the store and then calculate the exchange rate to change, am I right?
Is there any way to fix the price of individual products, exchange rate changes are sometimes too great, which will lead to my individual products sold at a loss
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
Shopify heeft geantwoord 1 juni 2023

Yes, you definitely can:

22 mei 2023

It keeps on malfunctioning- and not working! the window isnt appearing to anyone and the prices keep fluctuating between markets which is a MASSIVE problem

Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 23 mei 2023

Hi there, could you please reach out to us on the support team so we can diagnose what is happening for you here and fix the issue?

20 mei 2023

I need automatic redirect to language in Serbian, This is only opt that not pop up every time and user has to choose language every time he visit site.

Top pool
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 23 mei 2023

Hi there, we currently do not automatically redirect with this app. I might suggest an app like Langify or Langshop to do this for you at the moment.

15 mei 2023

It shows in the example but doesn't appear when I preview site. I tried searching up but nothing comes up

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 19 mei 2023

Hi there, if you are based in the same country/region as your store's default, then no recommendation will appear. e.g. if your store is based in the United States, when a visitor from the US lands on your store they won't get a pop up, since they are already browsing the US site. Only customers in different countries/regions will see the pop up. You can preview it within the app itself.

14 mei 2023


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12 mei 2023

We are in the ecomeerce business for over 15 years! this app is not a good example of a great app but the oppostite.

1. the app simply does not translate all products - some are trinaslated - some are not. We did run the automatic process 10 times.
2. there is no filter in the backend to filter for empty translations - hey we are in 2023 not in 1989
3. The functions are simple too simple and some really important ones are missing.

We can not recommend this all at all.

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Shopify heeft geantwoord 12 mei 2023

Hi there, sorry for the experience you have had. This app actually is not intended to do your translations for you. For this, you will want an app like Translate and Adapt:

10 mei 2023

Works if your needs are very basic and you don't mind the very rudimentary styling, but causes problems in a country like Finland where most people have browser language as English but still would like to browse the site in Finnish. Better targeting settings based on country etc. would be incredibly helpful.

Made of Sundays
App gebruikt gedurende 9 maanden
Shopify heeft geantwoord 10 mei 2023

Thanks so much for your feedback! I see where you are coming from and this is a tricky balance. Ultimately browser language is the strongest signal for what a buyer prefers to shop in, but acknowledge this may not cover all cases. This is why we allow manual language selection if the customer does want to browse in another language or country.

Bewerkt 8 mei 2023

It forces some visitors to stick to the language that is spoken in the area that they are located in by showing the pop-up window again and again if another language is chosen. This may cause a problem for some visitors. Especially if they browse in private.

Ethereal Diffusion
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