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30 januari 2024

Traffic went from 140-200 people shopping per day down to 20 people and the 20 people were sales canvasing into the business from countries such as India, UAE etc. I need to the coding any thing to do with this app taken out of my theme due to this causing 50-70K sale decrease.

Cater-Connect Ltd
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31 januari 2024

i still cant change my shop price and geolocation i have tried and tried still not working.

urbancraft & couture
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 1 februari 2024

Hi there - this app is for shops using Shopify Payments with multi currency. Sorry for any confusion this has caused.

12 februari 2024

Footer language selector does not appear (despite being enabled). I'm using the Narrative theme.

For a country like India, where there's a ton of languages spoken, this app is not very useful. I have it set to automatically default to Hindi when a customer from India visits the site, yet... only 57% of Indians speak Hindi. If they don't speak Hindi, there is no apparent way for them to switch to English or whatever their preferred language is.

HyperSpring Toys
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16 februari 2024

When switching between countries app pop up error message.

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31 januari 2024

Made it nice as I wanted I recommend it

Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
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21 mei 2024

I can't test my self in different countries so I can know how it looks like.

Stylink Apparel Trading
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
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3 december 2023

App works perfectly. Use it so that people can change their location and currency at the bottom of the webpage. It's kind of shocking how many people don't understand what this app is for (changing location & currency) and how location and currency is controlled by shopify markets. To whoever the devs are for this app, you guys have done a great job. Some people kind of shock me on how they are able to run a business

Pocket Pixel
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 5 december 2023

Thank you for the positive words!

2 maart 2024

It is good

Xbox seller and consoles
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2 december 2023

I've uninstalled this app as I don't believe its giving me any added benefit to my store. The only I can find that it does is slow down the loading of the theme I use. Poor for an app that is supposed to be build in house & enhance a customer experience not hinder it.

Albro Designs
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 5 december 2023

Hi there, sorry that you have had this experience. The Geolocation app does not add any code to your theme, so site performance should be unaffected. We would be happy to help you with the issues you were facing if you'd like to reach out to our support team.

18 januari 2024

Doesn't Work whiteout Shopify Payments

Luxury Vape
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