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Bewerkt 14 december 2021

I like that the app uses geolocation to show customers the appropriate prices, but my US customers have reported that it does not always work correctly. It also takes too long for customers to get to the bottom of the page to change the currency - so it would nice to have an option for that feature to be at the top of the page
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14 augustus 2022

If I set my location as anywhere other than the United States it stays in English, then displays an error code. Two stars instead of one for the benefit of the doubt.

Borne Pretty
Verenigde Staten
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Bewerkt 8 mei 2023

It forces some visitors to stick to the language that is spoken in the area that they are located in by showing the pop-up window again and again if another language is chosen. This may cause a problem for some visitors. Especially if they browse in private.

Ethereal Diffusion
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8 maart 2021

Soy de España, mi tienda está en dólares y vendo a México. Añadí los pesos MXN pero todos mis clientes ven el precio en dólares USD ¿Cómo puede ser esto?

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22 augustus 2020

We've Geo location on our site for about 2 months now. Unfortunately it doesn't seems to be working. It has not showed up in my personal browsers since the initial install, and we've had some customers confused about the currency they made their purchases in, so I'm guessing it's not showing up for them either. Good idea, but needs to work.

The Potters Boards
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 24 augustus 2020

Hey The Potters Boards,

Thanks for your feedback. Geolocation app only shows suggestion based on the IP address of the visitor. If you were browsing your store from your home country, then the recommendation may not be triggered.

You also seem to be using another currency conversion app which automatically sets currencies and may interfere with how Geolocation works. Feel free to reach out to Shopify Support for assistance. If you already have a support ticket, please let us know and we will follow up on our end.

Geolocation team

23 december 2021

This app needs significant improvement. There are better versions available in the Shopify app options.

Junxure Consulting eStore
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11 maart 2022

The pop-up form and the embedded currency selector look nice (the best among every other used app), BUT it is generally useless, as the pop-up do not provide the option to link to the correct webpage. And on top of that - the currency selector allows to change the country, but the prices stay on the same currency, which beats the whole purpose.

Joyful Couple - International
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 21 maart 2022

Hi there, it definitely sounds like something isn't going right here - the specific purpose of Geolocation is to do exactly what you are saying, so long as you are using Shopify Payments. Please get in touch with us and we'd be happy to help.

4 maart 2020

I want to try this app. But can I know that why I can't install in my store? can you help me? thanks.

Snaps Tool
Hongkong SAR van China
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 4 maart 2020

Hi Snaps Tool,

Geolocation only works if you’re selling in multiple languages or multiple currencies with Shopify Payments.

See these guides for more detail:

— Geolocation team

5 maart 2023

App shows all countries I selected on my store on location selector but with the same currency for all stores. It does not auto switch to the user's currency. Evem if you select a different region, the default store currency is the one that still shows

Dazzle Hair Accessories
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Shopify heeft geantwoord 6 maart 2023

To sell in local currencies you need to be using Shopify Payments. We apologize for any confusion.

4 augustus 2021

I really really need the selector to be customisable more.
I need to be able to place it in my header and I need to be able to shorten it to display just currency code, ie: AUD, USD None of my US customers are finding the selector when they don't use the pop-up. It's incredibly frustrating.
Please at the very least, have a shortcode I can install in the header for currency switching.

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