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Gaia Orion Shop

I love the idea of the geolocation app but it has two major issues that confuse my customers:
1. The pop up is in English so French customers (for example) who do not speak English have no idea what that pop up is about and miss out on the opportunity to see my shop in Euros.
2. The currency switcher is impossible to find: at the bottom of the the home page, and only on the home page. It makes no sense, people will start wonderign about their currency once they are on product pages. How can we expect them to go back to the bottom of the home page to switch their currency. I would definitely re-install geolocation app if:
1. Especially if the currency switcher was visible at the top of the shop. 2. Additionally, it woudl be great if the pop up adapted its language to the location of the customers

Developer reply

December 3, 2021

Hi there, thanks for your feedback! Please feel free to contact us about how your customers are not seeing the pop up in their local language - this should not be happening. Provided you have French enabled as a language within your France market, even when visitors land on your English domain, the popup should appear in French.

Because Geolocation does not add any code into your theme, it's not possible for us to reliably place the selectors in the header of your page. You can continue to use the pop up recommendation, and have selectors built into your theme header directly:


It says select your first country and location, I have already selected it but it doesn't work , Poor Service.

Developer reply

December 3, 2021

Hi there, can you please elaborate for us? You need to enable countries/regions in your Shopify Payments settings first.

Bicycle Booth

Geolocation goes hand in hand with Shopify Markets. However, Shopify Markets is beta and isn't very efficient in performing and redirecting customers to their respective currency. It keeps bouncing back to default currency of store as customers shops from home page to collection page to products all the way to checkout. You also cant disable Shopify Markets to by pass this issue and pretty much stuck with the issue at the mercy of Shopify Devs until they fix it. Our store worked seamlessly when we were using a third party app to show various different currencies and redirection. The geolocation app also doesn't give you much option to pick the placement of the currency selector. You have left, right and centre, but the selector is all the way at the bottom of the website where no customer goes. Request was made to move the selector to either the menu or a floater to make it more visible but request was denied. These issues are costing us lots of $$ from international customers and you cant even disable them or use other apps to resolve it. Sucks to be a Plus member at the moment paying 2000$ a month with such glitchy features which are in beta. We also tried the pop up method where it asks customer if they would like to go to their local country website. However that pop up would not show up until 5 mins later. Shopify plus support team member told us to hire an expert dev to speed up website and it should fix the issue, we did that and the issue continues to remain. Thats one way of flushing 500$ down the toilet. Hope they fix these glitches asap.

Developer reply

December 3, 2021

Hi there, I am confident this is a setup issue that we can help you with. Please send us an email at and I'll be happy to help.


Non serve proprio a nulla, l'ho installata e non ho capito a cosa serve. In negozio nessuna utilita'.

Body Massager

Google found this app as malicious software and suspended our ads, do not use. We are trying to fix the problem but really not worth it. Please send me an email(, I am happy to provide you with an email from google. I couldn't find your email address. Thanks.

Developer reply

October 25, 2021

Can you please provide us with some more details here via our support team? Geolocation is used on thousands of stores and this is the first time we have had such a report. We'd really appreciate more information! Thanks.

MC-CASES® Onlineshop - Excellent Customized Cases

Makes loading website very slowly, following console errors shows always up: script.js? Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'DOMWindow': The target origin provided ('') does not match the recipient window's origin ('https://...').

This app was causing our customers in the US to see what they thought was USD pricing even though my page was still recognizing it as "CAD". Manually toggling the currency conversion on our webpage brought our prices down even lower when displayed in USD. I would give zero stars if I could. Edited to add: We did not download the app. It was added to our shop automatically and caused the price problems. Obviously if we knew it would conflict with our current web code, we would not download it on our own.

Developer reply

October 12, 2021

Hi there, unfortunately this problem is not caused by Geolocation. This is because you are not using Shopify's native multi currency solution and all your orders are being processed in CAD:

We would suggest using the native multi currency feature which would avoid this problem, and also will allow your customers to check out in their local currency. Right now you are only offering currencies on your storefront, and everyone is getting switched to CAD at checkout. We would be happy to help you with this.


I did not see the email warning about this auto-install , but I did notice sales were down in the last day. Could it be this ugly 2-star pop-up? I noticed it only because I saw the note about API permission, grateful that I caught it in time to delete before more damage was done. To be fair, due to increased shipping and environmental costs not really interested in getting even more international orders.

Developer reply

October 7, 2021

Hi there, through our own testing the Geolocation app has improved store conversion rates by displaying local currencies to buyers. If we can be of any help please do get in contact!

Music Discoveries

I just added this app to my shop and the currency conversion is not correct. $4.50 CAD is converting to $4.00 USD, which isn't right. Plus my customers will never find that little button at the bottom of the screen. I was looking forward to this feature, but I'm going to delete it.

Developer reply

September 15, 2021

I can see on your store you have CAD and USD, with rounding rules on to the nearest dollar. The CAD --> USD FX rate today is 0.80469. Making your converted prices 4.50 * 0.80469 = $3.62, rounded to the nearest $1.00 = $4.00 USD. If you don't want your prices rounded, then you can turn this off in your payments settings. Please do contact us if you have any questions!

Paper Plus Cloth

As per an email from Shopify that this app was going to be added to shops as of Oct. 4, I decided to download it ahead of time and right away it caused issues for customers viewing my website outside of Canada. It displayed incorrect prices that were converted TWICE! So if I had an item that was $45 cad it should have displayed $37 usd, but instead converted it again to $29.50 (the US equivalent of $37cad). How does that even happen? I fear for everyone who will find out bad this app is on Oct. 4th

Developer reply

September 15, 2021

Hi there, this definitely sounds like something unrelated to the Geolocation app that is causing this issue. We'd be happy to take a look at this for you and ensure everything is working as it should be, you can reach out to us at and I can come back to you that way.

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