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Sälj mer globalt med tips om land- och språkinställningar.

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Få besökare från andra länder att handla från dig.

Skapa en lokal kundupplevelse

Ge kunderna en anpassad köpupplevelse, oavsett var i världen du befinner dig.

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Lägg ut produkterna i webbutiken på bara några minuter. Inga programmeringskunskaper behövs.

Om Geolocation

Med Geolocation-appen kan du rekommendera land och språk beroende på besökarnas webbläsarinställningar och geografiska plats. Rekommendationerna visas som ett fält eller ett popup-fönster i webbshoppen utan att störa den grafiska profilen. Besökare kan enkelt byta land och språk – och det fungerar med alla teman. Bland rekommendationerna och alternativen finns även landets inhemska valuta.


  • Besökare kan välja land och språk.
  • Anpassa dina rekommendationer efter de länder/​språk som besökarna har valt för butiken.
  • Automatisk identifiering och matchning av webbshoppens temafärger.
  • Förhandsgranska materialet innan du publicerar i webbshoppen.


  • Du måste sälja på flera språk eller i flera länder/​regioner via Shopify Payments.





2.3 av 5 stjärnor

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La Miséto

For some reason, the popup doesn't appear on my site, is there a way i can fix this issue? Or can you help me with that?

Utvecklarens svar

12 oktober 2021

The app will only provide a pop up recommendation when a customer is visiting from another country that you have enabled in your payments settings. If you are visiting from your home country, there is nothing to recommend since you are in the default location. When I browse from the United States for example, the pop up is working as expected:

This app was causing our customers in the US to see what they thought was USD pricing even though my page was still recognizing it as "CAD". Manually toggling the currency conversion on our webpage brought our prices down even lower when displayed in USD. I would give zero stars if I could. Edited to add: We did not download the app. It was added to our shop automatically and caused the price problems. Obviously if we knew it would conflict with our current web code, we would not download it on our own.

Utvecklarens svar

12 oktober 2021

Hi there, unfortunately this problem is not caused by Geolocation. This is because you are not using Shopify's native multi currency solution and all your orders are being processed in CAD:

We would suggest using the native multi currency feature which would avoid this problem, and also will allow your customers to check out in their local currency. Right now you are only offering currencies on your storefront, and everyone is getting switched to CAD at checkout. We would be happy to help you with this.


I really need to be able to disable the popup, please advise me how i can do so. I might have to just delete it altogether.
What are the implications to my store if i delete it?
thanks in advance

Utvecklarens svar

12 oktober 2021

Hi, you can disable the pop up in the app be deselecting "Show recommendations."