Post Purchase Donations

Post Purchase Donations


Boost AOV, retention, and loyalty via post purchase donations

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Custom Donation Campaigns

Easily add round-ups, donation matching, donation rewards, and carbon offsets to your store in just a few clicks

Engaging Social Media Content

Empower customers to talk about your brand’s ethos online through generated social media

Easy Post Purchase Flow

Add charitable options to a customer’s order without changing your store’s checkout

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Detailed Description

The Post Purchase Donation Platform For Shopify And Shopify Plus

Change is a post purchase donation platform that powers giving options after checkout and generates shareable content for your customers.

Easy-to-Launch Donation Campaigns

  • Donation Matching - Match up to a certain amount of a customer’s donation
  • Donation Rewards - Donate a flat dollar amount per order
  • Donation Round-ups - Allow customers to round up and donate their purchase
  • Carbon offsets - Donate to internationally verified carbon offset projects to make your shipments carbon neutral

Custom Options to Fit Your Brand

  • Apply each campaign to all products or just particular SKUs
  • Configure campaign ceilings to stay on top of marketing campaigns
  • Update nonprofit partners instantly respond to new movements
  • Access featured nonprofits to save time and resources when launching a new campaign

End-to-End Donation Processing

  • Access 200K registered 501(c)(3) organizations in the United States
  • All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Storefronts receive a consolidated tax receipt at the end of each month.
  • Customers’ order receipts are automatically updated to serve as a tax receipt

Regulatory Agreements - Commercial Co-Venture Contracts

  • Only Shopify app that automatically generates a CCV for your brand
  • One contract to work with 200K+ nonprofits in the U.S.
  • Save time and legal fees on generating regulatory agreements to run cause marketing campaigns

Real-Time Dashboard and Analytics

  • Compare Average Order Volume on orders with and without donations
  • Track donation characteristics by customer region and time
  • Test new content and brand changes with your customer and measure what they share
  • Track which platforms your customers talk about your brand online
  • Understand and support movements your customers are passionate about instantly
  • Track easy-to-understand stats (like how many trees you have planted) to share with customers

Get Started

  • Install the Shopify app
  • Connect a default payment method for your donations and sign your agreement
  • Configure as many campaigns as you’d like (matching, round-ups, rewards, carbon offsets) with nonprofit partners of your choice
  • Start tracking customer engagement and updating campaigns in real-time!


There may be laws around giving back and cause marketing that is specific to your state (if your business is US-based) or country. We recommend consulting with your legal team to approve your charitable giving program.

About Change

By downloading and using this app you agree with the Change Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Have questions? Please contact us at

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I love this app!! It's amazing as a retail seller to be able to empower my customers to donate via my own platform with virtually no extra work for me. Awesome app and great team behind it :)

Stay Vibey

Beyond grateful an app like this exists, happy I can bring carbon neutrality to my customers with every purchase they make! Thank you ChangeApp! Stay Vibey!


Installation was seamless and the offsets are verified to be legit. There's basically no downside to paying a few extra pennies per order for carbon offsets—not only are you chipping away at the climate crisis, you get a nice brand benefit as well. Recommend!