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26. Februar 2024

I installed the app but couldn't get the full test without upgrading. I figured it should be ok. It wasn't. I sent a message to support, 2 days later still no response and cannot even get a refund because nobody is answering. I have the latest Dawn theme and this app doesn't work with the theme. After I upgraded, a red warning showed up that says this app is unsupported. Not sure why apps like this are allowed in the marketplace.

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14. Juni 2018

They don't reply to emails from myself or from the Shopify staff when I had issues with the sharing bar effecting my navigation menu. I can't access any of the analytics - they also have not replied to me asking them how to access. I pay for this app as it looks good and performs well on my site but their service is dreadful and if I could find a social share app that looked similar I'd change in a heartbeat.

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23. November 2021

App doesn't work. Support has never responded. Guess it's been abandoned as I see there have been no reviews since 2019. Be careful though they say a free 14-day trial and that is not true they have it set to charge you immediately and even then the app still doesn't work. It is kinda comical but not worth the headaches you will have to go through to contact Shopify for a refund.

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